Title ID 5803Collection ID828
TitleAm venit in Rominia
CollectionWilf Green
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeTravel Seaside
KeywordsHolidays Airports Beaches Tourism Urban Areas Travel Swimming Music Cultural Heritage Food Seaside Resorts Railway Stations Parks Games
LocalMamaia Bucharest Odessa
NationalRomania Ukraine Europe
ProductionWilfred Green
CameraWilfred Green
FormatColour Silent
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A travelogue film, in colour and split into three parts, recording a holiday to the various locations in Romania and the United Kingdom, including substantial material showing Mamaia and Bucharest in Romania, and Odessa in the Ukraine (formerly U.S.S.R).


The film opens with shots of Gatwick airport, England, and a BUA aeroplane followed by views over mountains from the aeroplane window

"Am Venit in Rominia"; "We came to Rumania 1963" (sic)

The first section of the film shows the beach resort of Mamaia in Romania. There are views of the group (and other holiday makers and locals) at leisure on the beach, sunbathing, playing games (leapfrog) and swimming in the sea. There are scenes of a large group dancing at the water's edge, and shots of a (swing?) band, with saxophone, guitar, drums and double bass, playing on a moving car while being filmed. These scenes on the beach, combined with shots in and around the 'Hotel Modern' and its gardens, make up the majority of the first section of the film. In addition, there are brief scenes of the group taking a coach, visiting an historical site with architectural exhibits, street vendors, a commemorative plaque, the group then drink beer in a cafe bar.

"Am Venit in Rominia Part 2"

The second section of the film begins with some brief shots similar in theme and location to those in the first half, including scenes of local children, a horse and cart, an old woman working as a street cleaner, sea views, the promenade, a jetty, views of the jetty taken from a row boat, and men playing volleyball. The majority of the second half of the film depicts Bucharest and Odessa. People are shown disembarking an aeroplane (the is also a brief shot of a US Air Force military aeroplane at the airport). This is followed by scenes of various landmarks around Bucharest including, the monument at Carol I Park and the Village Museum at Herastrau Park. Various street scenes follow along with views outside the restaurant Casa Alba in the Padurea Baneasa (Baneasa Forest) area; the hotel 'Carpati'; and trams at sunset.

Returning to a beach setting (similar to that previously seen) a group of young men play volleyball and people walk by the sea. There are various scenes of old buildings, local children, and elevated views of the sea and over roof tops. This is followed by further views of a statue by the sea, a casino, taking coffee in a cafe, portraits of the hotel staff in the gardens, various street views, and further scenes of swimming and beach activities. This sequence closes with brief scenes of a visit to a vineyard and views of an airport.

"Odessa, U.S.S.R"

The final, and shortest, section opens with shots of the airport at Odessa, and views of the harbour. This is followed by views of some of the landmarks of Odessa. This includes various sites including the Potemkin Stairs, City Hall, Odessa Archaeological Museum, the Opera House, the Train Station, and St. Panteleimon Monastery. There is also a shot of decorative street lights (daytime) in the shape of a star with a profile of Lenin in the centre. The final section of the film closes with shots of an aeroplane and passengers.

End Title: 'Multumesc Spasibo' (Thank you in Romanian and Russian, respectively).