Title ID 5800Collection ID828
CollectionWilf Green
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionPolitical/Campaigning
KeywordsSocial Movements Political Demonstrations Monuments Parades Parks
LocalLondon Aldermaston
RegionalGreater London Berkshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionWilfred Green
CameraWilfred Green
FormatColour Silent
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This two part film depicts a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) Aldermaston to London protest march which took place on the Easter weekend in 1962. Part 1 shows the Call For Protest rally at Trafalgar Square London, Sunday 11 March; followed by a longer section which shows the events of the CND Aldermaston to London protest march itself.


This film consists of views of the marchers, together with close-up shots of placards and banners, shots of newspaper headlines and front pages; which chronicle the event.

"Aldermaston 62 W.G"

The film opens with a close-up of a leaflet: 'Rally Against All Tests - A Call For Protest, Trafalgar Square, Sunday March 11 5.15pm, Dr. Donald Soper, Bob Willis, Pat Arrowsmith, Stuart Hall, Canon L. John Collins (who can be seen several times in the film), Sidney Silverman MP'. This is followed by mixed scenes of the crowd gathered in Trafalgar Square, London, with banners in the crowd: 'The End is at Hand', 'Flee From the Wrath to Come'. A female speaker (Pat Arrowsmith?) stands at the base of Nelson's Column, under a sign: 'Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament - Protest Against the H-Bomb'. This is followed by a shot of news cameras and further crowd scenes. A woman sells the 'Daily Worker' paper, with the headline: 'Yank Pilots Sensation - On combat mission in South Viet Nam, bombing and strafing'. This is followed by further scenes of the crowd, with focus on people leafleting. This section ends with some close-up views of a sign: (picture of young boy) 'His Hope for the Future - A World Without War', and of the 'Sanity' paper (the monthly peace paper) with the headline: ' All Set For Aldermaston' dated April 1962.

"CND Aldermaston 62"

This section details the protest march itself and begins with views of a crowd gathering at Aldermaston. The remainder of the film mainly consists of footage of the marchers passing by with various regional and international CND banners, and political placards and sandwich boards, mixed with close-up shots showing newspaper headlines and coverage of the event. The film concludes with scenes of peaceful protest at Hyde Park in London.


a still from 'Aldermaston' (1962)