Title ID 5798Collection ID828
CollectionWilf Green
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Boats Buildings Children Dance Docks Family Holidays Houses Leisure Time Activities Landscape Monuments Rural Areas Rivers Seaside Resorts Ships Swimming Urban Areas
LocalVenice Pula Croatia (?)
NationalBosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Italy Europe
ProductionWilfred Green
CameraWilfred Green
FormatColour Silent
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This film shows a family holiday to Croatia in the former SFR Yugoslavia, touring the sights of several towns including Zagreb, Kraj, Lovran, and Pula.


The family set off by plane from Gatwick Airport capturing aerial views from the aircraft window, before landing at Venice Airport, to then make their way to the coast. The film shows the family swimming in the sea followed by mixed shots of the front of a hotel (?).

The family visit a large house set in formal gardens with a bandstand, several towns, a market and a street lined with large flags. Aboard a ship the family sunbathe and take in the sights, landing at a port adjacent to the 'Hotel Beograd'. The family visit several ruined sights in a village that includes a church and several villas,and take a boat trip on the river. Back on board the ship moves out to sea. On land the family stop at Hotel 'Zagreb' to paddle in the water adjacent to the hotel moorings. Further shots follow of a coastal resort with several families swimming in the water amongst the rocks below a large hotel (?).

A sign for 'Kraj' is followed by wide panoramic shots of several village buildings on a rocky coastline, a small boat named 'S. C Trieste', shots of an Amphitheatre in Pula, a group of men lowering furniture out of a window and a group of people dancing on a dock mooring as a ferry pulls away, closing with shots of several passengers on the ferry singing and dancing.

The film closes with an extended sequence of shots of the family touring a rural hilly landscape, and sunbathing on several beaches on the coast, cutting to a intertitle with a photograph of (Ivo Perišin?) with the text: 'Hvala lepo Jugoslavija. Laku Noc'. ['Thank you very much Yugoslavia. Good Night.' Written in Croatian].