Title ID 5775Collection ID799
Title[Pestalozzi Children’s Village; Building work; farming; metal work]
Date[ca. 1977]
KeywordsBuilding Construction Buildings Charities Children Farming Youth Youth Organizations
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPestalozzi International Village Trust
FormatColour Silent
Duration58min. 30sec.
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A silent film featuring the construction of a new building at the Pestalozzi Village, Sedlescombe. The children of the village are involved in the building work, mixing concrete, bricklaying and digging trenches. As the building work progresses, they are seen doing a variety of activities such as metalwork, farming, gardening and fencing.


The film opens with shots of a building site at the village, steel posts are concreted in the ground and men dig footings and drill holes to secure the steel frame. A crane lifts rafters in place, children help to dig and concrete blocks are laid. A boy with a sledgehammer knocks down a high brick wall, boys load the brick rubble onto a trailer; the children ride on the trailer as it is driven off by a tractor. Rubble is dumped into the new building as hardcore for the new floor to be laid on. Concrete is mixed and the floor is laid; a child make some notes.

Shots of boys welding outside a workshop, a new trailer bed is under construction.

The floor is completed in the new building. Boys continue to build the walls and window frames are in place. Trenches are dug for pipes and a new roof is assembled over the rafters.

Sign: "The Pestalozzi Children's Village". Shots of the gate house at the main entrance to the village are followed by blurred shots of the driveway. Close-up of a sign with a plan of the village, followed by shots of the village buildings.

Shots of boys mixing concrete, they help to lay a new hard-standing outside a barn.

Brief shots of horses in a field.

In the woodwork workshop, boys are sawing timber and outside they paint new animal hutches. The children help to dig an inspection (?) pit in the mechanics workshop. Further shots of children digging a trench.

Shots of workshop repairs, before scenes from a field where children are helping to mend old fences.

Livestock in a field. Close-up shots of a bull and pigs; children help to muck-out.

Shots of the driveway, where the children are laying a new tarmac surface on the road.

Girls planting seeds, harvesting crops and weeding. Vegetables, fruit and eggs are arranged on a stall ready for sale. Close-ups of cucumbers in a greenhouse and flowers in the gardens.

The film ends with shots of children in a field picking sweetcorn and a field being ploughed. Close-up of sign: "Pestalozzi Children's Village, Sedlescombe, Battle, Sussex".