Title ID 5768Collection ID799
TitleLet’s Go Out
KeywordsCharities Children Education Farming Food Handicrafts Religious Festivals Schools Sport Youth Youth Organizations National Dress
LocalSedlescombe Battle
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
CameraPeter Lang
DirectorAnton Bowler
Commissioning bodyPestalozzi International Village Trust
EditorColin D. Thompson
NarratorNigel Baguley
SoundArthur Payne
FormatColour Sound
Duration20min. 15sec.
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A Thames Television production aimed at children encouraging them to go and explore the place in which they live. The programme features the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe. The Warden Mr Gale is interviewed about the work of the Pestalozzi Children's Village Trust which aims to foster a spirit of internationalism and service. Many of the children recall their own experiences of life at the village and the Headmaster of Claverham Community College speaks about their integration into the school.


"Thames" Television logo. The film opens with title scenes of children boarding a school bus: "Inner London Education Authority", "Let's Go Out". Titles: "Let's Go Out", "Children's Village".

Panoramic views of the Pestalozzi village whilst the narrator introduces the village, its purpose and its residents. Interview with the Warden Mr Gale who talks about the children's education and their length of stay. Mrs Houdan (?) the Nigerian housemother in the kitchen of the national house. The narrator explains the role of the housemothers; the Indian housemother talks to girls in their native language. Interview with Rajeran (?), an Indian boy, about leaving home to move to the village. The narrator explains that children can come from Vietnam, Thailand, Arab countries, India, Tibet and Nigeria. A group of boys play football and another group watch television. Interview with Asma (?) from Nigeria who explains her Moslem family background. Poster: "Waziri's Room". Nigerian boy in his bedroom. He talks about life in Nigeria compared to life in England, including the difference in weather.

Sign: "East Sussex County Council, Claverham Community College". Shots of the college, the narrator explains that children attend the local school. Interview with the Headmaster Mr Court (?) who talks about the integration of children into the school; shots of classroom activities. The narrator and children talk about the difficulties of their lack of English speaking skills. Shot of a special English language class. Boys play basketball in the college grounds.

Interview with Mr Gale who talks about the integration of different nationalities at the village and the practical skills the children learn. A boy rides on a tractor and other boys load straw and hay bales onto a trailer. The narrator talks about the children helping the farm manager Mr Buzoni (?) with farm tasks. Mr Gale talks more generally about the village farm. Shots of a boy doing metalwork, boys learning mechanics and Thai girls weaving cloth on looms. A Thai girl talks about her time at the village, routines and tasks. Scenes of the same girl baking in a kitchen. Shots of a Thai girl with a pet sheep - she talks about how the sheep became a pet. The narrator talks about how the different national houses celebrate their own religious festivals. Scenes from Tibetan New Year festival - food is arranged on a shrine, girls wearing national costume talk about the festival. The Tibetan children sit around a table and raise a toast to the new year; a girl sings.

Various scenes of children as Mr Gale talks about plans for the expansion of the village and rising running costs, success is measured by "the spirit of internationalism... and of service". Credits. The film ends with a shot of the children walking through the village.