Title ID 5667Collection ID816
Title[Wedding Scenes; Honeymoon in Majorca]
CollectionDickins Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionTravel
KeywordsBeaches Ceremonies Family Holidays Seaside Resorts Weddings
LocalCroydon Majorca
RegionalGreater London
NationalEngland Spain Europe Mallorca
ProductionErnest Dickins John Dickins
CameraErnest Dickins; John Dickins
ParticipantsErnest Dickins (father)
FormatColour Silent
Duration19 min. 20 sec.
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This film contains footage by two different film-makers of the wedding of John Dickins and Joan Chinnery. It also contains scenes from John and Joan's honeymoon to Arenal on the Spanish island of Majorca.


The film begins with images from John and Joan's wedding. We see John Dickins in his suit pacing the pavement before getting into a car with his best man. The film then cuts to the guests and bridesmaids standing outside the church. More guests are seen arriving, including Ernest Dickins and the vicar, before the car bearing Joan and her father arrives. The film cuts to the bride and groom leaving the church after the wedding ceremony and posing for photographs. John and Joan climb into a waiting car, and the film then shows to the reception where they are seen cutting the wedding cake.

The second version of the wedding film follows, opening with shots of the guests outside the church, and a brief image of the interior of the building. We see the bridesmaids arriving and being greeted by John Dickins. Further guests arrive, including the bride's mother, and the congregation enters the church and sits down. A car pulls up with Joan and her father, who pose for a photograph before going into the church. The film cuts to John and Joan leaving the church once the ceremony is complete, and posing for photographs.

The final section of the film contains scenes from John and Joan's honeymoon at the Hotel Arenal on the island of Majorca. We see images of Joan on a hot sandy beach and views of the town. There are some shots that show the countryside and a town viewed from a moving vehicle, as well as brief scenes from sightseeing trips; a horse and cart, a wedding in a local church and a boat trip. The film closes with clouds seen from an aeroplane window.