Title ID 553Collection ID23
Title[Miscellaneous Topics: Gardens, Boating, Holidays, Family]
Date[ca. 1930s]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
KeywordsAnimals Boats Rivers Sport Harbours
LocalChichester Norfolk [?] Johannesburg [?]
RegionalWest Sussex Norfolk
NationalEngland United Kingdom South Africa Africa
ProductionNot known
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration10 min.
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Scenes of family outings, river dredging, ice-skating, boat trips and a fiction film, in which a bird speaks to the audience through intertitles, filmed in the 1930s.


The film opens with a view of a cottage, the beginning of a fiction film. A woman sits inside, knitting. She shakes her head and takes off her glasses, rubbing her eyes. A man arrives at the house. He pushes the doorbell, which is seen in close-up. A panorama of a public garden follows. Family members walk, all smartly dressed in hats, frocks and suits. Zoo scenes follow. A leopard is seen in an enclosure. Harbour and town views follow, taken from a ship off shore. Steamers are docked in the harbour and steep cliffs rise up behind. Houses reach up above the harbour.

River dredging takes place on the Norfolk Broads [?]. A steam powered pulley system, operated from a platform, lifts material out of the water, moving the riverbed debris to the side of the bank. Road footage follows, filmed from a car window, passing through towns and squares, eventually reaching the coast. In a brief fiction film scene, a man runs from a house and pauses at the end of the drive, looking shifty. On a holiday in Africa, an ox pulls a carriage, and a man dressed in traditional costume decorated with feathers poses with a couple in a rickshaw.

Negative footage of people ice-skating and skiing through trees follows. Back on the Norfolk Broads, two sailing boats are seen near a windmill, moored and tied together. A man walks through a field towards the boat, as seen from the deck. The deck is shown, curving away from the camera. A motorboat moves away down the river. A woman sleeps in the sun. Moored boats are seen in panning footage across the river. Boats are seen now covered in snow. Golf scenes follow, as men and women swing golf clubs, seen in slow motion.

Fiction scenes with intertitles close the film. The camera pans across an interior space to a bird in a cage. "Good morning soaks. Pleased to meet you." ‘Gather round and let us have a chat’. The parrot is seen in its cage at a nearer distance. "That's better. More matey." "Sugar... Well I don't mind if I do." The bird grips a sugar cube in its beak. "Very nice indeed - A vintage knob." "Hello - Here comes the poor fish." A man joins the bird and sits on the chair beside its cage in front of a painted screen. "Well I suppose I had better be civil otherwise... no more sugar!"