Title ID 5528Collection ID713
TitleByte Back
CollectionHaywards Heath Cine Society pt2
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionScience Fiction/Fantasy
ThemeCine Club Film-Making Working Life
KeywordsCompanies Industry Interiors Workers
LocalHaywards Heath
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHaywards Heath Cine & Video Society
CameraRaymond Young
DirectorRoy Langley
ProducerHaywards Heath Cine & Video Society
WriterRoy Langley
LightingRichard Mercer
SoundPaul Wood
Cast(Malcolm) Jonathan Idle; (Manager) David Chesterfield; (Clerks) Philippa Langley, Kevin Haughton, Paul Kellet; (Cleaner) Veronica Langley; (Computer Voice) Derek Chesterfield
Other credits(Graphics) Noel Thompson, Ray Young; (Continuity) Eric Ricketts; (Special Thanks) Bain Hogg LTD
FormatColour Sound
Duration8 min. 44 sec.
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This amateur colour drama with animated 3D sequences tells the story of a worker (Malcolm) in the IT department of a company who lied on his application for an IT job. Unknown to Malcolm, the computer has a conscience and tries to tell him has no idea what he is doing and to go home. Eventually the computer gets up and walks out leaving the worker in stunned silence. The film has full opening an closing titles with credits. This film won the Albany Sound Trophy in 1996.