Title ID 5441Collection ID766
Title[Show Jumping; Family Leisure and Holidays; School Sports Day]
Date[ca. 1953]; [ca. 1959]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Fashion Leisure
KeywordsBeaches Buildings Cars Children Family Games Holidays Houses Landscape Leisure Time Activities Men Mothers Rural Areas Sport Summer Villages Water Transport Women Fashion
RegionalDevon Cornwall
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr Kenneth Wood
CameraMr Kenneth Wood
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This colour and black and white film documents the Wood family on holiday in Cornwall and Devon. The film shows the family at home and at a children's sports day event and showjumping contest.


This film opens with a colour scene of several boys at a show jumping contest, inter cut with short shots of a domestic garden and the family car (TLC 403 - 1956 London reg.) returning to shots of the show-jumping contest.

In black and white, the film shows the family group gathered for a portrait on the steps in front of a house; the children pose kissing each other. The film cuts to shots of a boat: ‘Cherbourgeois’ with the skipper on water. The next sequence briefly shows the family gathered in a garden, sharply cutting to a view of several horses and a flock of turkeys in the same field. The film then returns to the family in a garden; a man with a cine-camera and several children are seen playing with a cart and a riding on toy car.

The next scene shows an interior colour shot of a child sat in highchair eating some food. A boat is shown parked in the front garden of a residential house (holiday home?) with a car (KXA 27) on the street outside. Scenes of a boy being led on a pony in the countryside by teenage girl follow. This section closes with shots of the family in garden drinking tea.

The next black and white section shows a coastal holiday. Several children are shown playing in a straw field next to coastline; on the beach; swimming in the sea; and surfing using a wooden board. A series of farming scenes follow that include: a Horse and cart; farmers in a field creating straw stacks; rural panoramas of the landscape; and livestock with several close ups. Portrait shots of two boys and a girl show them sitting on a stile. This is followed by scenes of the family playing on the beach and paddling in the sea.

In colour film, the family go on a boating trip aboard the Orkney trawler ‘Girl Maureen’ with several portrait shots of the family aboard the boat, Ken Wood moves in front of the camera to kiss his wife (Patricia) who is asleep on a bench seat. The next sequence shows a sign for ‘Two Bridges Hotel’ on Dartmoor, Devon, with a series of fast panoramas of the gardens, and frontage of the main hotel building. Sally is shown playing with a Dachshund dog and the family drink tea on a bench. The family visit a beach and drink tea on the sand dunes whilst the children play in the car park next to the beach. A wide panorama shot shows the beach and coastline with the family aboard the 'Girl Maureen'.

Returning to black and white film, the family are shown aboard a boat, followed by views of the coast and a flock of Heron gulls diving into the sea. The shot briefly cuts to the family in a garden, returning to views of the family aboard the boat being hit by waves. Close-ups of the family shows the children steering the boat and the skipper trying to light a cigarette.

The next colour film shows highlights of another family holiday that includes coastal views of the landscape with rough seas; the family car (HPN 562 - East Sussex 1954) on a cliff path, with views of the family playing on the rocks; a child with a camera; and views of a holiday cottage, with the family playing on the shore. The scene then cuts to shots of family members horse riding and in a garden.

The final part of the film shows highlights of a school sports day, with the family watching a group of boys running races and a woman pushing a toddler in a metal push chair (John ?). The events include more races as the camera pans wildly. The film briefly cuts away to show adults going on a river boat trip with a large group; cutting back to the sports day. This includes brother and sister races, relay races and a prize giving ceremony. The next final shot shows a little girl in a garden playing with a large litter of Labrador puppies who are trying to suckle from their mother.