Title ID 5440Collection ID766
Title[Deer Park; Family Scenes]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Leisure
KeywordsChildren Domestic Gardens Family Fairground Games Commemorative Events Mothers Motor Vehicles Urban Areas Outings
LocalNew Malden (?) Chessington
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionContact Screen Archive South East for details
CameraContact Screen Archive South East for details
FormatColour Silent
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This colour and black and white family film opens with portrait shots of a young boy on a day out at a deer park followed by views of a children playing in a garden and paddling in a pool. The family go on an outing in a car, visit a funfair at Chessington Zoo and attend a christening. Mixed views show children playing ball games in a garden.


The film opens with colour views of a small boy playing with a spinning top style toy surround by deer in a park. At their home in Surrey a man and woman (Patricia) play games with the children in the garden. The family take a boating holiday on a river, with portrait shots of the group aboard a boat eating a meal.

In a garden, two children play by a pond as their mother (Patricia) watches. In another garden, two boys dressed in leopard print swimming shorts play together in a fountain.

On a day out, two boys go for a ride in a car (NGT 482 - 1952 London registration?) as the camera films them from a second moving car travelling in convoy.

The next section shows mixed scenes of a group of children in swimwear playing on a garden slide in a paddling pool and running in the garden. The family sit eating a meal together in the garden.

The scene cuts to the family on a day out to a fairground at Chessington Zoo showing the boys on a helter-skelter, playing in a playground and using a slide.

The next section shows a woman preparing a horse before going out riding from a stables. This then cuts to scenes of the family playing in a sandpit with a young baby. A close up shows the baby sat in a cot dressed in a christening outfit. A family are filmed gathering at a house (possibly following the christening?) with a small boy sat in a pram with his hands over his ears.

The film closes with shots of several children playing in a garden, on a swing ball set and doing acrobatic handstands.


A colour still image taken from TID 5440, showing a wide view of a man and a woman dressed in wooled overcoats standing amount a very large heard of Red Deer in a woodland, at Warnham Park in Sussex.
A close up colour still image taken from TID 5440, showing a mother and her two sons standing together in the garden of heir house. The boys are wearing grey school jumpers and white shirts, and the woman is dressed in a black dress and three-quarter sleeve length black blazer or jacket. Behind the group are the closed, large French doors that open from the house into to the garden.
A wide colour still image taken from TID 5440, showing a family group on an outing to Chessington Zoo. The family group features two women and two boys, who are walking away for the Chessington Transport train stop, towards the entrance to the playpark at Chessington.A close up colour still image taken from TID 5440, showing the portrait view of a young boy aged around 5-7 years old, standing in a garden holding a small white Pomeranian dog. The boy is dressed in a short sleeved red, white and blue horizontal stripped T'shirt and thick white rimmed plastic sunglasses. He smiles at the camera.