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TitleA.B. Hols [Family Holiday to Catalonia]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsBeaches Boats Buildings Domestic Gardens Docks Exhibitions Family Ferries Harbours Holidays Houses Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Plants Racing Rural Areas Seaside Resorts Transport Urban Areas Water Transport
LocalBegur Girona Barcelona Catalonia
NationalEngland United Kingdom Spain
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FormatColour Silent
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This film shows a family travelling by car to the Aigua-Blava Playa de Fornells Resort, in Spain via ferry and car. The family stop to have a picnic, admire views of the countryside, visit several beaches and tour local towns and villages. In the second part of the film the family visit Barcelona.


This colour film opens with mixed shots of a group of adults getting into a car to go on holiday. Recording their journey to a port, film themselves leaving a pub, having a picnic dressed in wet weather clothing, and at the dock (?). The next sequence opens shows outdoor scenes including a formal square garden, landscape views over a valley, the group having a picnic and scenes of rural roads and a village. The sequence ends with a birds-eye view of a village either side of a cobbled road.

A wide shot shows the family car parked on a street next to a customs building with a sign' Aduana' on the front of the building. The shots then cut to views of a tree-lined road and a close-up view of a sign for the 'Aigua-Blava Playa de Fornells' Villa resort in Girona. Several wide views then follow of the exterior of the buildings and coastline at the resort. Highlights of the family holiday continue with views of a courtyard cafe, a boat trip, on a beach and swimming in the sea (Stella and her sister ?). On another beach the family sit on rocks and read followed by views of the landscape and hillside at dusk.

The group visit Barcelona filming busy street views and cafes. A tram and a trolley bus pass through the shot with the 'Victoria Hotel' in the background. Various historic landmarks are filmed including fountains at Montjuïc (?), the Milan hotel (?), the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Poble Espanyol (some very dark shots).

Returning to the beach the family swim in the sea and take a boat trip. They then visit a motorcar race track, filming several car/team names and numbers above the garages in the pit lane. The family car is parked on the pit lane adjacent to one of the 'Talbot' garages.

The film ends with the family arriving back home in the UK, with views of their garden and home.