Title ID 5427Collection ID766
Title[Holiday at Port Isaac and Port Gaverne]
Date[ca. 1945-1947]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Rural Life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Cars Children Domestic Gardens Family Food Harbours Houses Lakes Leisure Time Activities Outings Play Rural Areas Sport Beachwear
LocalPort Gaverne Port Isaac Port Quin Gerrards Cross
RegionalCornwall Buckinghamshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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CameraContact Screen Archive South East for details
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This edited film shows a family holiday exploring the Cornish landscapes of Port Isaac, Port Gaverne and Port Quin; inter cut with the family participating in several outdoor sports activities and events. The film closes with scenes of the family in the garden at the Reed family home.


This family holiday film opens with black and white views of a row of cottages with the family's car parked outside (EBH 258). The family holiday at the coastal village of Port Isaac and neighbouring Port Gaverne, where they walk on the beach and return from the beach with wooden plank style surfboards. The film then cuts to the family at a show jumping event on a show ground, where two boys ride horses and play together in a field (?).

In colour, the reel returns to the family in Port Isaac hiking together on a rocky coastal cliff path. The film-maker captures wide panoramas of the coastal landscape from the top of the cliff as the group sit to have a picnic, play hopscotch on the beach, sunbathe and swim in a large rock-pool. Following a brief shot of the holiday cottages where a boy pretends to drive the family car, the shot cuts back to a wide coastal panorama of the rocky rural Cornish landscape, with fields of deep purple heather among green crops. At Port Isaac, the family have a picnic, and visit another beach.

The next part, taken at the Reed family home in Gerrards Cross(?), features several individual portraits of the family undertaking a variety of leisure time activities; beginning with two boys dressed in their Marlborough House school uniform playing with a red Spaniel puppy in a garden (some shots are quite dark), and standing in a crowd at a show ground or outdoor event completely surrounded by cars and people (?).

The film then returns to the two boys playing in a garden, one sitting at a writing desk, the other flying a toy plane; followed by a montage of individual shots of a teenage boy and younger boy riding a motorcycle on a road; two women playing a game of tennis in a garden (shots are dark). The next film provides highlights of a family gathering at the Reed family home the family gather in the garden where a woman attempts to feed a baby sat in a pram, who refuses what is being offered, followed by close-ups of the baby smiling at someone off camera; and the family socialising during afternoon tea.

The film returns to shots of the family on Port Quin (Next to Port Isaac/Gaverne beaches) capturing panoramic views of a bay, as the family go rock-pooling, read newspapers, and sunbathe on a terraced ledge on the side of a cliff. The film then returns to the family gathered on the garden terrace of the Reed family home, with views of a mother trying to feed a baby who is refusing to eat. The shot then cuts to a woman playing with a young child in a toy car (faded shot - low detail), followed by an exterior view of a large house (not the Reed family house?) next to a road, where the family are in the garden.

Back at Port Isaac, the family carry a large boat out to the shoreline, climbing aboard to row out to sea. A montage of group shots shows the family sitting in the shade of some rocks on the beach eating a picnic, feeding the gulls and playing games on the beach. In the village, the family sit outside the 'Port Gaverne Hotel', where they pose for the camera, eventually walking down to the rocky beach to play games, and paddle in the sea. The reel ends with exterior mixed shots of the Port Gaverne Hotel, neighbouring houses and rural landscape to close.