Title ID 5426Collection ID766
Title[Picnic; Hunt; Fly Fishing; Visit to the Coast]
Date[ca. 1947?]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Rural Life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Cars Hunting Family Leisure Time Activities Men Outings Social Class Villages
LocalUnknown locations
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film shows a family trip to the countryside. The family have a picnic at the side of the road and watch two hunts as they pass through rural villages. The family also partake in several outdoor pastimes including fly fishing at a lake, horse riding in the countryside, and take a trip to the coast.


The film opens with the extended family having a picnic on a grass verge at the side of a narrow track road in the countryside. The family eat and drink tea from china tea cups.

The next section (low contrast) shows scenes of a hunt. Two mounted riders are surrounded by a pack of bloodhounds on a narrow track in a rural country lane. The riders pass, followed by a larger group of men on horseback and people on foot. Close-up shots show the hounds lying on the grass and people in long outdoor coats. The next part of the film shows various people on horseback cantering through the country side, followed by a young man fly fishing next to a pond and a group of men outside a stable block mounting horses.

In a village another hunt has gathered on the main road. Riders fill the street and dogs swarm between them. The hunt moves off through the village, over a stone bridge as a policeman keeps watch. Out in the open countryside, the hunt canter and gallop through the fields, the film-maker tries to keep up with the group, by filming from a moving vehicle but finds it difficult (shaky shots).

The next section opens with a teenage boy in a garden preparing a model toy plane for take off, spinning the propellers to wind it up. The plane takes off across the garden, the camera is unable to keep up. A coastal view opens the next film, with boats and cars parked on a slipway. The family enjoy a very windy visit to the coast with their dogs, sitting together on a sea wall.