Title ID 5422Collection ID766
Title[Family Scenes; Boating; Children]
Date[ca. 1937 - early 1940s?]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsBeaches Boats Buildings Cars Children Domestic Gardens Family Games Holidays Houses Rivers Rural Areas Schools Sport Villages Water Transport
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionReed Family
CameraRobertson Family; Austin Reed (?)
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This family film features Stella Reed and her family on a beach holiday, on a pleasure boat trip, in a garden, and in the countryside. One of her sons learning how to swim.


In black and white, a family group sit on a blanket eating a picnic in a wood. The film cuts to a block of holiday camp-style accommodation next to the sea, where the two older boys attempt to do a long jump in a garden in front of their block, followed by an outing to a beach. The family fly a kite, and swim in the sea whilst an adult supervises a young boy in an inflatable boat.

From the deck of a boating pier, colour shots show Stella and her children gathered around a man dressed in a waistcoat and sailors hat next to the pier, cutting to a wide shot of the red sail of a small yacht and views of a windmill and tiered millers house (additional material on TID 5428). Several children are now aboard boats on the river, splashing each other with their oars and climbing up onto a castle-style structure on the bank(?). One boy is trying to knock another boy off into the water. The film cuts back to a wide colour view from the beach of the holiday camp accommodation, followed by group portrait shots of the family gathered around a car (EBH 259 - 1937 Buckinghamshire registration) outside a house.

In the next section the family attend a sports day event. Chairs have been placed on a school sports field where a group of spectators have gathered. The film shows highlights of several girls only races and athletics events including a high jump event, a 'dads only' sack race and a human 'horse' race.

In black and white the scene returns to the family boating on a river. The film-maker is aboard a pleasure craft and is capturing general views of sail boats as they pass through the shot. Further along the route a young boy sunbathes on deck and the boat passes a windmill and several mooring quays in front of domestic houses.

The next sequence features several domestic scenes of the family on a picnic next to a river where the children play together in a boat, and sunbathe with another having his feet washed in a bucket. The camera captures a pleasure boat (Streatley) passing by the bank of the river filled with people admiring the view, cutting to a shot of an outdoor pool where a large group of people have gathered for a diving and swimming competition.

The film ends with the family playing together in a garden and one of Stella's sons learning to swim in a pool, being led by a rope tied around his middle.