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Title[Coronation Naval Review; Holiday; Hay Farm]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily Life Commemoration Working Life
KeywordsArmed Forces Animals Boats Family Houses Ships Rural Areas Trades Farming Urban Areas Villages Workers Aircraft
LocalSouthampton Instow
RegionalHampshire Devon
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This film features a Royal Naval Review at Spithead, Southampton to commemorate the coronation of King George VI. The Reed family view the display aboard a pleasure craft. The second part of the film provides scenes from the family's visit to Instow in Devon, that includes a trip to the beach and a working farm.


This film opens with mixed portrait views of a fleet of vessels on the water and in a harbour, adorned with naval, Union flags and signals. The Reed family are aboard a spectator boat, whilst a military band plays on the deck. The group watch the vessels on the water with hazy views of several ships and submarines adorned with officers standing on deck. Other ships sail past each other in the background. Overhead a fleet of aircraft (Fleet Air Arm ?) make a flypast (out of focus). In black and white, mixed shots of several pale coloured ships on the water adjacent to the spectator boat, pass the fleet of ships jostling for position. Views of the royal yacht HMY Victoria and Albert III (?) moored on the water, is followed by several close-up profile views of gun ships, as the spectator vessel sails past.

The film changes location cutting to a black and white family scene of the families trip to Instow, Devon. Several children dressed in full swimwear play on a driveway. Whilst on holiday, the families visit several beaches and a town centre (?) capturing a view of the Heard Brothers Ltd. Automobile Service Engineers shop front as they stand on a slipway (?). Mixed colour and black and white coastal views of a beach, landscape, and rocky coastline follow, where the family climb and play in the sea and on an inflatable boat.

The film ends with a black and white rural sequence of the families on a day out at a working farm. They picnic, the horses pull hay carts and harvest the hay from the fields. Two young boys sit on the back of a horse as it works and a toddler with a hay rake attempts to help the farm hand stack hay.


A still from [Coronation Naval Review; Holiday; Hay Farm] (1937)