Title ID 5417Collection ID766
TitleBroadway, One of England’s Prettiest Villages [England in Coronation Year; Country Gardens]
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Leisure
KeywordsBuildings Cars Domestic Gardens Houses Memorials Motor Vehicles Parks Passenger Vehicles Rural Areas Urban Areas Villages Visits
LocalBroadway Cotswolds Leamington Spa East Grinstead
RegionalWorcestershire Warwickshire West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionReed Family
CameraReed Family
FormatColour Silent
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This family film shows a family visit to the village of Broadway in Worcestershire in the Cotswolds, as well trips to the towns of Leamington Spa and East Grinstead. The family explore several large homes, gardens and rural spaces as they explore the countryside. [Note: there is a pink/magenta cast to this film]


This film opens with a main title: 'Broadway, One of England’s Prettiest Villages' followed by an intertitle: 'Frank D. Millet Place, in Broadway' (Cotswolds). Views show landscaped gardens and trees surrounding buildings, a church and house in a village completes the sequence.

An Intertitle: 'Lygon Arms, Broadway - Built in 1620' with several exterior shots of the building and gardens. A series of street views follow that includes a medical herbalist shop, cars and horse-drawn carts on the street. Mrs Reed is seen exploring a garden, accompanied by mixed shots of the exterior of the house.

An Intertitle: 'Snow Hill - Which Time Forgot'. Scenes show a graveyard with houses on a steep slope in the background.

An Intertitle: 'Chipping Camden - Asleep in the Sun'. A series of exterior shots show the village including the Noel Arms public house, St James's Church (?) and 'Manor House Upper Slaughter'. This is followed by a shot of a large house set in formal gardens, seen in the background as Mrs Reed walks towards the camera.

The next sequence opens with an intertitle: 'Lower Slaughter - A village in the Cotswolds', leading into landscape scenes of several houses and a mill with waterwheel next to a river.

An intertitle: 'Naunton - Time passes it by' opens into a montage sequence of exterior shots of several houses and gardens in the village of Naunton, with views down a steep road.

An intertitle for: 'Compton Wynyates' (Warwickshire) introduces an a series of exterior views from the top of a hill of the Tudor stately home of the same name. The sequence leading into further shots of the vast gardens and grounds surrounding the stately home.

An intertitle: 'Leamington Spa' is followed by mixed shots of a busy urban street with a church and gardens; and shots of an obelisk memorial set inside a park, with views of a formal garden and lake (?).

The next section opens with an Intertitle: 'Sackville College, East Grinstead - Miss Olive Fleming' with portrait shots of two women - Mrs Reed (?) and Miss Fleming (wearing spectacles) approaching the camera outside Sackville College. The sequence continues with a series of mixed exterior shots of the college building, Hall and Chapel Common Room sign, along with views of a Tudor style row of shops or buildings next to 'Ye Dorset Arms Hotel'.

A view of a Tudor-style cottage and a farmhouse opens the next scene, with Mrs Reed (?) in the garden accompanied by two other ladies waving at the camera. The film ends with portrait shots of two ladies standing inside a car, looking out through the sun roof.

[Note: there is a pink/magenta cast to this film]

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