Title ID 5415Collection ID766
Title[Garden Scenes; Wedding; Family Scenes at Sandbanks]
Date1931; 1933; 1934
CollectionJohn Wood Collection
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsBoats Cars Children Clothing Ceremonies Domestic Gardens Family Games Harbours Holidays Houses Landscape Leisure Time Activities Men Passenger Vehicles Play Religious Activities Religious Buildings Sea Fishing Weddings
LocalSandbanks Amersham Gerrards Cross
RegionalDorset Buckinghamshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionReed family
CameraAustin Reed; Emily Reed
ParticipantsReed Family
FormatBlack & White Silent
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This black and white film opens with family scenes featuring Austin Reed in a garden with the family, followed by scenes of a family church service wedding and a family holiday to Sandbanks, Dorset (?). The family relax on the beach, swim in the sea and enjoying a sea fishing trip aboard a boat.


This film opens with a compilation of scenes featuring the Reed family in the garden of a large house (Gerrards Cross ?). The sequence begins with a shot of Austin Reed holding a young baby up for the camera to capture the pair in portrait, followed by shots of a group of young children sat at a low table in the garden, and a compilation of mixed action portrait shots featuring Austin Reed and the family gathered in smaller groups in the garden.

The next scene shows the film-maker's attempts at trying to capture two family group portraits; the first is a close up in portrait of a man (Stella's husband?) with a baby and young girl posing together in the garden. The man attempts to coax the young baby to 'look at mummy' as he points toward the camera, followed by a wide shot of the children sat at a table with a domestic children's nurse or domestic housekeeper in uniform. Stella enters the shot to encourage the children to 'wave at grand-pa-pa' (?) before leaving the scene. A brief interior shot of Stella playing with the children whilst sat in bed, bouncing them up and down on her knee, ends the film.

The next film provides highlights of the family gathered together outside a church (in Amersham) before a wedding service, followed by several interior dark shots of the service. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and family gather in the church grounds to take several photographs. The group then gather at Austin Reed's House at Gerrards Cross for the wedding reception.

The next reel provides highlights of a family holiday to Sandbanks (?) where the family enjoy time onboard a boat, around a swimming pool and picnicking on a beach wall outside a row of beach huts.

The film then returns to views of the Reed family garden (?), where a man is cleaning out a paddling pool / pond with help from the children. Stella, her husband and a nurse, join the group to admire the cleaned pool / pond, followed by several portrait shots of the children playing together with a toy pram and a bicycle in the garden. A young boy with a bandage on his hand and wrist, struggles to ride the bicycle.

In the next scene the family go on an outing with the children, who play in the family car with the roof lowered whilst other members of the family have a picnic in the countryside under the shade of some trees; accompanied by two nurses or domestic helpers.

The film then returns to the family holiday in Sandbanks (?) where a woman and two men dressed in nautical style uniforms walk along a pier accompanied by a young girl (?). A man follows closely behind, holding a young boy in his arms. The shot then cuts to scenes aboard a boat, where a fisherman lowers and raises his nets at sea and children fish, showing their catch to the camera. The final shot is of a group of older women sitting on a beach having a picnic in front of their cars, using an umbrella as a sun shade.