Title ID 5370Collection ID699
Title[Visit to the USA; Saint Lucia]
Date1976 - 1978
CollectionLinehan Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsBeaches Boats Buildings Cars Cultural Heritage Family Harbours Leisure Time Activities Outings Parks Rivers Shops Rural Areas Steamships Swimming Transport Urban Areas Fairgrounds
LocalLos Angeles California Houston Arizona Texas New Orleans Louisana Washington DC Washington Atlanta Georgia
NationalUnited States North and Central America
ProductionJohn J. Linehan
CameraLinehan Family
FormatColour Silent
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This film shows the family on holiday in the USA, travelling to the states of Louisiana, Texas, California and Washington visiting a traditional paddle steamer, the Alamo Mission, Los Angeles Griffin Observatory, Le Bra Tar Pits, Hollywood Walk of Fame, a trip to Disneyland, later visiting several landmarks and monuments in New York City and Washington DC and visiting friends and family in St Lucia.


This edited compilation shows a family holiday to the USA touring the states of Louisiana, Texas and California. The family take a paddle steamer boat trip aboard the "Natchez" along the Mississippi river from New Orleans. In San Antonia, Texas the family visit the historic Emily Morgan Hotel, Alamo Mission (the sign on the door reads: 'Be silent, friend here heroes died to blaze a trail for other men...'), then a river walk, cutting to an aerial tramway or cable car passing overhead (possibly The Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park ?).

The next scene shows the family travelling along a freeway, a sign over the road reads "Deer Valley Rd Pinnacle Peak Rd" (Arizona State ?), followed by shots of the car driving through the desert (Arizona), passing through the Claypool or Queen Creek Tunnel (?) in the mountainside.

The second section shows a rocky coastline (California?) followed by urban street scenes of the family removing their belongings from their car on a residential street,followed by shots of the family's North Hollywood holiday home. The family visit Disneyland California, capturing views of many of the attractions including the Omnibus on Main Street, the Pirate Ship, Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland, take a boat ride on the paddle steamer 'Mark Twain' in Frontierland, and capture shots from the park steam railroad train, steam powered riverboat and people boarding the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland.

The family visit family the Griffin Observatory taking portrait shots and admiring the view over the Hollywood hills, followed by shots of the observatory frontage. At street level, the family tour Sunset Boulevard and Wilcox, with shots of the Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Walk of Fame, followed by the junction of Sunset Blvd and Crescent Heights and visit the Le Brae Tar Pits on Wiltshire Boulevard.

Family holiday scenes continue with aircraft on a runway; a compilation of shots of the family's journey and holiday to St Lucia, with views of the landscape and the family relaxing in a pool. The group visit a hot spring, visit the coast and relax on a terrace balcony with the extended family and friends.

The film then returns to the family holiday in the USA, touring landmarks in New York City on foot and by boat on the Hudson. The next film shows the family in Washington State, visiting the White House and Washington Monument in Washington DC, closing with scenes of The Westin building and Peachtree Centre Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.