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Title[Scandinavia ‚Äė70]
CollectionLinehan Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsAircraft Boats Bridges Buildings Cars Communities Harbours Houses Ferries Leisure Time Activities Rivers Rural Areas Ships Travel Water Transport Urban Areas
LocalMidtjylland Vinderup Copenhagen Skillingaryd Stockholm Djurgården Gothenburg Vejle
NationalDenmark Sweden Europe
ProductionJohn J. Linehan
CameraJohn J. Linehan
ParticipantsLinehan Family
FormatColour Silent
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This animated intertitled family holiday film shows the family's visit to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, and Sweden visiting several large heritage sites and zoos by ferry and road. The outings include visits to Hjerl Hede living history museum; Skansen pleasure park; a brief stop to watch gliders and small aircraft on an airfield; and several boat and ferry trips between towns and islands to tour the landscape via sea and road.


Preston Films presents 'Scandinavia '70'.

Intertitle: "More than 2000 miles through Scandinavia" followed by an animated map showing their journey from Harwich, UK to Esbjerg in Denmark by sea, with shots of the family aboard ship socialising and Mr and Mrs Linehan enjoying a large breakfast in the restaurant.

Intertitle: "The Living Museum at Hjerl Hede" The family tour the living history museum. Highlights include a Stone Age Settlement with family groups of re-enactors living off the land, exterior shots of several buildings including a Post Mill, traditional tradesmen and women demonstrating their skills, a standing traction engine coupled to a saw mill cutting wood and a traditional horse-drawn cart with re-enactors singing and playing instruments on route to perform on the main stage.

Intertitle with animated map showing transit through Denmark to Copenhagen and Klampenborg (?). The family car moves along a road capturing the scenery. At the dockyard the family board a ferry.

Intertitle: "Aboard the Helsinggor (?)", the map shows the transit route from Helsingborg in Denmark to Skillingaryd in Sweden with mixed shots of the ferry at sea and views of other shipping traffic on the water, as the ferry nears land. The family arrive at their destination, visiting another family at their home, later touring the town. The family travel in convoy by road with a group tour to 'Stockholm', visiting a very busy central square, playground and outdoor performance space; later boarding a bus or coach to tour the city by road. The group visit a local museum where a poster reads: 'The Warship Stockholm Sweden. WASA 1628' followed by shots of the wooden hull of the Galleon class warship in wet storage being humidified.

Intertitle: "[S]Kansen Pleasure Park" The family visit Skansen museum and zoo, stopping to visit the elephant house and seal pond. They sit together for lunch and visit the Apollo 10 space capsule; climbing a set of steps to peer through the porthole windows. The sequence also shows several of the constructed buildings and houses including a belfry, windmill and manor house with formal gardens.

Intertitle: "We look at Swedish Summer houses" shows a series of shots of wooden lodges next to a river or lake, where the family take their holiday. A brief interior shot shows the main living room with roaring fire.

The animated map shows the route from Stockholm, south to Gothenburg, followed by views of the port and a large ferry passing under a bridge. The family travel by road to Gothenburg. Outside a house the family pose for portraits. Touring the city on foot and by boat on the river they capture views of the market hall on Royal Square, the busy port with 'Atlantic Saga' moored, views of a ship's name in Cyrilic script, ships in various states of construction/ destruction passing under 'Bazarbron' Bazar Bridge, closing with a shot of a narrow shopping street with flags.

The animated route map moves south from Gothenburg down to Copenhagen. The family travel by car, stopping for a picnic in the countryside next to a river. At a port, shots show several vessels including the 'Rio De Janeiro' followed by a series of shots from a moving car as the family travel on the motorway to another port to board the ferry 'Arveprins Knud'.

Intertitle: "Near Herning we watch Gliding - and the result of a forest fire [...] and a Lovepark !!!" The sequence shows shots of a sign 'Rrundflyvning' (sightseeing flights) on an airfield with several gliders and planes. The family visit the site of a forest fire, followed by Vejle Zoo Lovepark with a playground and an aircraft being used as a climbing frame. The final sequence shows the family carrying groceries into a house on a residential street followed by their last trip to the port with several classic vehicles boarding a ferry. The film closes with an end title: 'The End.'


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