Title ID 5319Collection ID699
TitleOur Swiss Holiday
CollectionLinehan Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Travel
KeywordsFamily Buildings Cultural Heritage Docks Landscape Passenger Vehicles Rivers Rural Areas Religious Buildings Transport Urban Areas
LocalBasel Gersau Ostend
NationalSwitzerland Europe
ProductionJohn J. Linehan
CameraJohn J. Linehan
FormatColour Silent
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This intertitled film shows a family holiday to Switzerland aboard the Prince Charles, Ostend ferry. The film includes scenes of the family outside their hotel, touring various cities including Basel and the Catholic district of Gersau in Schwyz.


“Preston Films present - Our Swiss Holiday”

Ferry “Prince Charles Ostende”. Port. Luggage. Suitcases. Views from boat. Town harbour. Views from car. River Rhine [?] Couple in front of hotel. Views from car. Woman stroking St. Bernard dog. Bus. Mountain views. Town views.

“Basle in Switzerland. We stroll by the Rhine”

Couple along the Rhine. title: “At last Gersau”. River views. Views from riding bus. Walk. Souvenirs. Town centre. Large Waterfall. Pleasure boats on river. Telephone box. Tram. Fountain. Church. Snowing. Cable car. mountain views. Gletcher. the Rhine [?]

“We cross the lake by steamer”

Town views. Mountain views. Bus: “Lewis and LeRoy”. Shop. Tourist views. Souvenir. Catholic confirmation . Girl in white dress. Aboard boat.


A still from 'Our Swiss Holiday' [1954]A still from 'Our Swiss Holiday' [1954]A still from 'Our Swiss Holiday' [1954]