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Title[The Ranch; Horses Retirement Home]
Date[ca. 1939?]
CollectionEnid Briggs pt2
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAnimals Charities
LocalBroadstairs [?]
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEnid Briggs
CameraEnid Briggs
FormatColour Silent
Duration4 min. 13 sec.
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Scenes shot at the stables and paddocks of The Ranch, a horse retirement home, by Enid Briggs in 1939.


A woman opens a gate on which a sign reads "The Ranch, a home for old and retired horses". The camera pans across the ranch, paddock and stables. A girl and man walk a horse into a paddock. Shots of several horses seen above stable doors follow. Two horses, one grey and one brown, are seen in a paddock together, kicking out their back legs. A white horse and smaller dark pony [?] walk out from the stables to a field, where the white horse rolls around on her back. Back at the stables, a young girl pushes a water trolley. She reigns the white horse before brushing her mane, front legs and hind before leading her into the stables.

Contextual information

Passionate about animal welfare and devoted to the rescue of working horses and donkeys, Enid Briggs set up a Sanctuary called The Ranch in 1936. Helped by a team of boys and girls as well as domestic staff including a gardener, groom and chauffeur, Enid cared for the animals until the 1960s.

See [Prince, Ramsgate Corporation Horse Retiring to Ranch] (5248) for narrative film that follows Prince from working horse to retirement at The Ranch.

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Briggs, Enid. *The Ranch - A Paradise for Horses. * n.p.: Frederick Warne & Co, 1946

The book provides an illustrated account of Ms Briggs’ horse and donkey sanctuary in Broadstairs, Kent. A copy is held at Screen Archive South East, kindly donated to the archive by John Williams.

Further Information on File at Screen Archive South East

Research on Enid Briggs carried out at local libraries by Tim Cornish.