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Title[Seaside Views; North Foreland House; Camera Tricks; Ice Skating]
CollectionEnid Briggs pt2
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeSeaside Travel
KeywordsBeaches Buildings Holidays Leisure Time Activities Seaside Resorts Sport Film Making
NationalEngland United Kingdom Switzerland Europe
ProductionEnid Briggs
CameraEnid Briggs
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration6 min. 12 sec.
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A compilation filmed by Enid Briggs in the late 1920s, including seaside scenes, sequences shot in North Foreland House gardens using stop frame and reverse action camera techniques, and ice skaters in Switzerland.


Waves crash over wooden breakers, with views of shoreline and cliffs. Two women and a man walk down a street, waving at the camera. Now on the beach and joined by a third woman, the group are filmed smiling and talking to one another. The camera pans right to left across the shoreline past moored boats, fabric beach huts and brick-built houses above the beach. The group walk along the busy promenade.

Two young women eating bananas are shown in reverse, smiling and looking at the camera. A woman and a dog jump repeatedly over a tennis net, also backwards. Another is shown sitting on a chair that leaps up from the ground. In a scene filmed using stop frame camera tricks, three women, a tablecloth and tea set appear at an empty set of garden furniture. They are seen talking and drinking tea. Tea is poured in reverse into a cup, appearing to disappear up the spout.

The camera pans across snow capped mountains and lodge to an ice skating rink in Switzerland [?]. People play ice hockey in the background, others skate in the foreground. A hand-painted sign reads "Stade de Culture Physique". A skater is filmed smiling at the camera and skating in circles, gliding on one leg and skating backwards, before she is joined by another. They skate towards the camera with arms linked.