Title ID 5152Collection ID701
Title[France and Italy]
CollectionTott Family
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Buildings Cars Monuments Holidays Travel
LocalGrimsel Lydd Montignac
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Italy Switzerland
ProductionTott family
CameraTott family
ParticipantsBernard Tott; Irene Tott
FormatColour Silent
Duration13 min. 5 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A film of a family holiday to France and Italy. As well as playing on beaches, the family visit a variety of historical monuments such as the Colosseum.


The main title consists of two French bank notes and a sticker saying “Drive on the Right”. A girl packs suitcases into a car. The sign on a building reads “Air Ferry Terminal” and passengers board an air ferry at Lydd. A Hillman car is shown backing down the ramp from the aircraft.

A sign reads "Chateau Donjon" and there are panorama views of a town and tourist shops. There is a signpost for "Grimsel" with "Grimsel Hotel" in the background. There are views of a rocky slope and a main road filmed from above with scenes from a car as it travels along. A signpost reads "France". People swim in the sea and relax on a beach and a small sail boat goes past. A family eats lunch under an umbrella in a garden. After scenes of a street market, young children build a sandcastle on the beach. In town, there is a ceramics shop and a bar. Three girls play with a lilo in the sea. There is a panorama of harbour and views from a boat. A family have a picnic in the woods. There are more scenes of seaside activities, including water-skiing.

A boat comes into port where passengers are waiting to board. Close-ups of flowers and women in traditional dress are followed by shots of commemorative stones and a variety of historical monuments and ruins, including the Colosseum and an aqueduct. A girl stands next to a signpost saying "Montignac". Woman do their laundry in a pond. There are close-ups of cave paintings and shots of a church. A sign says "Lois". There are scenes of architecture and the "Musee Jeanne d'Arc". Scenes of a beach are followed by final shots of an "Air Transport" plane traveling down a runway.