Title ID 5147Collection ID701
TitleThe Riviera; [France Italy and Switzerland]
CollectionTott Family
KeywordsBeaches Boats Docks Ferries Harbours Holidays Landscape Railway steamers Ships Zoological Gardens Travel
LocalBoulogne Dover Monaco Monte-Carlo Nice Pisa Saint-Paul Simplon
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Italy Switzerland
ProductionTott Family
CameraTott Family
ParticipantsBernard Tott; Irene Tott
FormatColour Silent
Duration19 min. 55 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A family holiday to France, Italy and Switzerland. As well as footage of a variety of towns and beaches, there is also footage of monuments, including the Tower of Pisa.


The title is a brief animation saying "The Riviera". The film then shows scenes at Dover Harbour Board Car Ferry Terminal. There are shots of people on board the British Railways’ car ferry ‘Lord Warden’, followed by the approach to Boulogne harbour.

The film then shows three boys standing together in a garden. Scenes of a church on a cliff are followed by pans along the coast and with scenes of beaches and white cliffs. Four children have a wheelbarrow race on a cliff-top road. There are views of a harbour, the grounds of a manor house and mountains. A sign reads “Nice”. People swim in the sea and jump off a diving platform. There is a panorama of the bay and the town. A sign reads “Saint-Paul” and men are shown playing petanque. There are shots of the town and flowers.

Views from a car driving along a mountain road show scenes of the surrounding mountains, valleys and rock formations. A signpost says "Gorges Du Loup". A family sit in a garden. On a boat trip there are scenes of the coast, as well as footage of the British Naval boat, the Trafalgar.

The camera pans along the coast and out across a bay and people dive off a rocky outcrop. There is footage of a trip to a zoo. A sign says “Monaco”. Guards are filmed in uniform walking through the town. A sign reads "Monte-Carlo Casino". There are views of the city and cliffs. People swim and snorkel in the sea.

Scenes of cars waiting at the Italian boarder are followed by scenes of a town, mountains and monuments. People walk around the Tower of Pisa. In Florence (?), there are scenes of a bride and groom and views of the town including musicians playing at cafe. Driving through Switzerland there are scenes of mountains and pines. A Swiss flag is filmed followed by a sign reading "Simplon". People have a picnic on a stone table, followed by footage of a town and a (war?) cemetery.