Title ID 5145Collection ID701
Title[Holiday to Turkey by Car]
CollectionTott Family
ThemeTravel Family Life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Cars Ferries Harbours Landscape Memorials Monuments Religious Buildings Rural Areas Ships
LocalDover Istanbul Venice
NationalAustria England France Germany Switzerland Turkey
ProductionTott Family
CameraTott Family
ParticipantsBernard Tott; Irene Tott
FormatColour Silent
Duration30 min. 10 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


On a holiday to Turkey, a family visit several countries including Austria, Germany and Italy. On their journey, they visit a former Second World War concentration camp, several mosques and explore round Venice.


The film opens with a woman looking through brochures. The camera zooms in on one for Turkey. The Dover Eastern Docks car ferry terminal is shown, with the departure board showing sailing's for Ostend, Boulogne and Calais. Cars queuing and entering a ferry, with passengers walking along a ramp into the ferry’s car deck. There is a shot of the French Railways’ Dover-Calais car ferry ‘Compiegne’ passing at sea.

The car drives through Germany along a motorway. In a holiday cottage, two people eat grapes and look at a map before leaving. At a former World War Two concentration camp there is footage of memorials and a crematorium. In Austria, there are shots of a town. People ride in a cable car. A girl operates a water pump.

Scenes of Swiss villages in the mountains are followed by people swimming in a lake against a backdrop of mountains and valleys. There are views from a car as it drives along a country road; alongside are carts, farm animals and a small railway. There is footage of mosques and other buildings in Istanbul, as well as various animals. A woman is shown putting on socks and wearing headscarves as they visit a mosque.

Beside the sea, people look out across the bay from a building. Camels kneel on the road. After a boat journey, cars drive off a ferry. A woman hands out flowers in a garden. There are scenes of a cemetery and an army barracks. On the road is a dancing bear.

Lorries drive off a boat. People remove their shoes as they enter a mosque. In the countryside, people are filmed farming. Working animals such as cattle, donkeys and camels can be seen. There views of the landscape as well as a brick manufacturing site.

People swim in a pool and walk round the ruins of an amphitheatre. In Venice, there is footage of gondolas on the canals and San Marco. In Austria [?], decorated cars drive down the street and there is a marching band. A tree is felled in a forest. A family group have tea in a garden and pose for the camera.