Title ID 4924Collection ID671
TitleLast Ever Manston Air Show - Manston Air Day
Date26 July 1992
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeTransport Wartime And Military
KeywordsAircraft Airports Armed Forces Leisure Time Activities Passenger Vehicles Transport Motor Vehicles
LocalManston Ramsgate
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDavid John (Dave) Bassett
CameraDavid John (Dave) Bassett
DirectorDavid John (Dave) Bassett
ProducerDavid John (Dave) Bassett
EditorDavid John (Dave) Bassett
NarratorDisplay Commentary ; Sync Sound
SoundSync sound
MusicKenny Loggins; Danger Zone (Top Gun Theme)
FormatColour Sound
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Highlights from the last Manston Airshow held at Manston Airfield on 26 July 1992. The film shows displays from the RAF Red Arrows display team, a civil aircraft display, military aircraft, training exercise demonstrations and commentary from organisers and visitors to the event. [Contains commercial music which has been removed from online material.]


“Manston Airday July 26 1992”.

Music: Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" Theme from Top Gun. [opening and closing title music has been removed from online version for copyright reasons].

Extended sections of the flying display follow, beginning with a Red Arrow livery Hawk T1 sits on the airfield (Red 10?). Commercial aircraft in flight. Bi-Planes in flight. Military planes. RAF Red Arrow Aerobatic display team taxi on the runway. Air manoeuvres, by a small yellow aircraft. Jets. Car park. RAF Red Arrow display team in Hawk T1's perform their aerial display: (in vision time stamp 18:03) Formation flying in: Diamond formation with rolls, Shuttle-Flanker, Spear (9 aircraft in formation), Tango, Big Battle with rolls and breakouts by two aircraft, Gypo's Pass with various colours of smoke. Four Hawk T1 aircraft display with coloured smoke.

A series of small passenger aircraft (?) pass through the display area. Red arrow team seen landing and taxiing on the ground. Close up of one of the Red Arrow pilots waving from the cockpit as the camera zooms in to the Hawk T1. RAF Red Arrow team on runway being re-fulled.

Other displays - yellow sea King Helicopter flying above Red Arrows on runway. Panavia Tornado F.3 (?) aircraft in display. Car park as a Grob G115 / Tutor T Mark 1 displays overhead. Aircraft on runway (?) preparing for take off followed by a Biplane demonstration - PITTS S-1T in yellow [G-MIL /R2 owned by Skylark Aerobatics]. Visitors. Onlookers. yellow Sea King Helicopter display with a mock rescue operation. Western Whirlwind aircraft. RAF Parachute display demonstration. Among the ground displays an open double-decker bus “Fishing News” advert on side is shown.

Mk 2 Lynx helicopter display. Harrier Jump jet display. Nimrod Aircraft; RAF Cargo Carrier Jet in manoeuvres/tactical landing; A pair of Wingwalkers on biplane's branded 'Crunchie' display over the airfield. Spitfire on runway as Wingwalkers come into land. Two Spitfire taking off and in display in Mk13 and Mk14 colours. Film maker leaving the display with shots through the windscreen of their car as they leave the showground.

Intertitle: “The End. Air Day 1992”.


A colour still image taken from TID 4924, showing a close up shot of the nose cone of a Red Arrow T1 Hawk jet slowing taxiing on the runway.

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RAF Manston was a Second World War airbase. The airport has now been sold of for civil aviation use. Manston is trying to establish itself as a major civil airport. Some scenes of the James Bond film “To Die Another Day” were filmed here.

Camera was a 40th birthday present.