Title ID 4898Collection ID657
TitleThe Shooting of Dan McGrew; Day Trips for Hikers
CollectionEltham Cine Society / John Purvis Howard
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionAdventure Crime/Detective
ThemeCine Club Film-Making
KeywordsAccidents Law Enforcement Leisure Time Activities Outings Social Problems
RegionalKent Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Howard
CameraJohn Howard
DirectorJ Bryden (Day Trips for Hikers)
ProducerJohn Howard
WriterE Rogers (Day Trips for Hikers)
Cast[Credits -The Shooting of Dan McGrew]: H Lewis Yorke (Flash Horace); John Howard (Ye Loopy Cop); John Bryden, James Shore (G men); Ted Rogers (St Peter); Margery Cramer (Poppy); Betty Allen (Pansy); [Credits - Day Trips for Hikers]: H Lewis York; Betty Allen; Margery Cramer; Ted Rogers
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration12 min. 07 sec.
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Two amateur comedy dramas from the Eltham Cine Society. The first tells a story of a murderer who is captured, escapes and is captured again. The second has a group of walkers encounter mishaps as they take a picnic.


"The Shooting of Dan McGrew"

This short fiction tells the story of the criminal 'Flash' Horace and starts with a fight at a card game. The felon escapes by car as a drunken policeman gives chase. Escaping from jail, the killer is pursued by a pair of men. All are shot and go to heaven. Here, the gun-toting criminal usurps God's throne before order is restored.

"Day Trips for Hikers"

In the second madcap adventure, a group of hapless hikers go on a rural ramble. They have no tin-opener and beer gets spilt all over their picnic. Feeling frisky the couples start kissing but are chased by an angry local.


A still from 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew; Day Trips for Hikers' (1937)