Title ID 4870Collection ID595
TitleFettes College
Date[ca. 1960s]; 1962
CollectionJohn Mckeen
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionEducational/Training
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsBuildings Children Education Recreational Facilities Rural Areas Schools Armed Forces Aircraft
NationalScotland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Mckean
CameraJohn Mckean
EditorJohn Mckean
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration28 min. 39 sec.
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An edited film showing the buildings and grounds of Fettes College, an Independent boarding and day school in Edinburgh, Scotland that includes by a visit from Air Vice-Marshal Ronald Thompson, Air Force Officer for Scotland in a helicopter, to inspect the Combined Cadet Forces.


A group of college staff, men and women, walk across a grassed area as others gather at the top of a flight of stone steps.

Intertitle: 'Fettes College' with a line drawing of the main building. A series of black and white panorama shots show the school buildings and grounds. Interior shots follow of a boys dormitory, as they prepare for bed. A boy sneaks out in his dressing gown with a pencil and piece of paper. The next scene shows a group of boys in uniform entering a building, with panoramic views of the roof of the chapel from a top floor window. Interior shots follow of the chapel in black and white, before cutting to colour views of a cross over the altar. The shots then return to black and white views of the pews, followed by colour shots of the stained glass windows. Black and white shots follow of several dedication plaques and views of the hallways, before exploring several ornate rooms with wooden benches.

Panoramic views of the library bookshelves, follow shots of the writing desks and octagonal carrels in the middle of the room. Views from the window show several boys walking in to the building across the large gravel walkway outside. A series of colour shots show the dining room, before inter-cutting between black and white and colour shots of the sports pitches, basketball hoops and grounds.

The next scenes show Fettes College Combined Cadet Force in uniform parading around the grounds, followed by a visit from Air Vice-Marshal Ronald Thompson, Air Force Officer for Scotland in a helicopter. The cadets and several school staff gather on a playing field to welcome him. Several local newspaper articles are shown, covering the action on June 14 1962.