Title ID 4594Collection ID604
TitleOff To Work They Go
ThemeUrban Life Working Life
KeywordsEducation Disabled Persons Workers Women Everyday Life Family
LocalLondon Worthing
RegionalGreater London East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHearing and Deafness Film Association
CameraMichael Harvey; Rafi Rafaeli
DirectorMichael Harvey
ProducerBill Watts (Executive producer: Bill Watts, Reginald M. Phillips Research Unit)
Commissioning bodyHearing and Deafness Film Association
SoundJanetta MacKenzie; Tom Wolski
Participants“Filmed with kind assistance from Holders Press, London and Inland Revenue, Worthing"
FormatColour Sound
Duration12 min. 44 sec.
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Film exploring the views of family and colleagues about two young people who are deaf as they settle into their first jobs. Tony is seen working in a printing press and Janet working as a typist at Inland Revenue offices.


The film opens with the title 'Hearing and Deafness Association presents'; 'Off to Work They Go'. Tony, a trainee at Holders Press, is seen working with colleagues operating machines in the printing press. Interviews with his manager and colleagues explore how they think Tony has been treated in the workplace and how well he has got on in the job. Interviews are intercut with scenes showing Tony receiving instructions from a foreman. Scenes at Tony's home show him watching television with his parents.

Janet is seen at home with her parents as her mother is heard talking about Janet's first interviews and then getting her first job. In her job at the Inland Revenue in Worthing, Janet is seen working in a typing pool and then chatting with colleagues in the staff canteen. Interviews with her parents and colleagues explore how she is doing in the job and highlight language and communication issues that Janet is perceived to have at work.


Off To Work They Go (ca.1973)