Title ID 4584Collection ID585
TitleBallet Practice
Date[ca. 1934]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeWorking Life
KeywordsAnimals Children Dance Education Domestic Gardens Performing Arts Houses Uniforms Women Youth
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatColour Silent
Duration9 min. 40 sec.
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Girls travel to ballet practice in Sussex by bus and bicycle, where they perform exercises at the barre, routines with scarves and on pointe, and others perform horse and carriage choreography with their teacher. The film, made by an unknown film-maker, is interspersed with scenes of cats in a sunny garden.


Girls skip in circles in a garden, wearing gym shorts and knitted tops. A girl in pigtails smiles at the camera into the sun. A white cat has curled up in the grass. Young women arrive at the house with bicycles for ballet practice. Two young women perform a dance in Dutch costume on a small stage. Street views follow. A No. 12 Southdowns bus arrives and a group of girls jump onto the pavement one by one. They arrive at the house and enter through the front gate. The girls, of all ages, wear ribbons in their hair. Two cats sit on a garden wall. The older girls arrive at the house. Ballet practice starts. Girls in black leotards and ballet shoes perform exercises at the barre. Their legs and pointed toes are shown. Others practice with pointe shoes and perform the splits and stretching exercise. A group of girls perform a horse dance in the studio. Their ballet teacher guides them, acting out the part of the carriage driver. Further exercises are performed at the barre. The girls pirouette across the floor, and perform dances with scarves. A cat washes its fur in the garden. Another looks up at the camera and walks across the lawn. Several cats are fed on the grass; they are seen eating from tin plates. A young woman is seen, holding one of the cats in her arms while kneeling on the lawn.