Title ID 4574Collection ID272
Title[Churchill House; children and family; seaside; Wales; France]
Date[ca. 1920s]
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Buildings Children Clothing Domestic Gardens Family Monuments
LocalHorsell Langland Bay Versailles
RegionalSurrey Glamorgan
NationalEngland Wales France Europe
ProductionMr. Muller-Rowland
CameraMr. Muller-Rowland
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration15min. 1sec.
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A home movie showing scenes of the Muller-Rowland family relaxing at their family home near Woking and on holiday in South Wales during the 1920s. The film ends with some footage of the Palace of Versailles in France.


The film opens with blurred, grainy and scratched scenes of the Muller-Rowland children playing in the garden at Churchill House in Horsell near Woking. The children run around a circular flower bed in the middle of the lawn. Two of the children break away from the group and clamber onto a wooded swing boat, they swing backwards and forwards, assisted by their mother (?) who appears briefly in the shot twice. The children, now in a walled garden walk in a line away from the camera with their French nanny. The children walk back towards the camera without their nanny.

The film cuts to scenes of the family on the beach at Langland Bay in Wales. The children, wearing bathing suits, play in the water close to the shore (this section of the film is badly scratched). Two girls pose in front of the camera and the family is seen sitting together on the beach with some huts in the background.

Scenes of Dairy Shorthorn cows in a field; they pass through an open gate into the field; a woman wearing a hat is seen briefly in a couple of the shots.

The family sit down to a picnic in the garden of Churchill House; they sit on deck chairs around a small table laid out for tea. Two women dance briefly before sitting down.

Scenes of the family wearing their Sunday best. They sit on a cliff or hillside admiring the view through a pair of binoculars.

In a park, a toddler wearing a bonnet walks around holding a walking stick. A woman holds a baby and other children gather around, taking it in turns to hold the baby.

The film ends with scenes of the Palace of Versailles in France, including the Orangerie and Swiss Lake in the distance; people can be seen wandering around.