Title ID 4518Collection ID567
TitleFernhurst Film Stars
Date1935; 1936
CollectionC L Rickett
KeywordsBicycles Children Domestic Gardens Family Fathers Games Play
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr C. L. Rickett
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration15min. 44sec.
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This amateur silent film features children playing up for the camera. The children are filmed in a back garden, playing and posing for the camera.


"Fernhurst. Film Stars 1935"

The film opens with somewhat jerky shots of three children playing in a back garden; they leapfrog over each other and jump around in front of the camera. They sit on the ground, smiling broadly and hit each other in a playful manner. The children pose for the camera against a brick wall; their father (?) joins them and picks the girl up, placing her on his shoulders. One of the children, now sitting against the wall, holds on to a Springer Spaniel dog.


This part of the film opens with two children cycling along a country road, one on the road, the other on the path. The same children (?), now in the garden seen in the first part of the film, play fight. They are joined by a younger child, and they roll around on the ground in a playful manner; the girl pulls silly faces at the camera, before posing more sensibly. The boys join her, one gives her a small bunch of flowers. They pose together in front of the camera before wandering off. The girl reappears, now wearing a white veil to go with her white dress. She sits holding the flowers, smiling at the camera. A larger group of children crouch down near a wall, holding the dog seen earlier. In pairs, the children skip around the garden, before drawing chalk lines on the path for a game. The small boy doffs his school cap to the camera, all of the children join in, taking it in turns to wear the cap. Their father is seen again, carrying the boy on his shoulders. The girl balances a small pot on her head and sits holding two cats. The girl poses in front of the camera wearing her Girl Guides uniform (?), the boy wears a Scouts uniform, they play up to the camera, posing and play fighting; the girl skips with a rope and the boy digs with a spade in the background.