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Title[Visit to USA and Canada]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily life Travel
KeywordsSteamships Boats Travel Tourism Buildings Religious Buildings Bridges
LocalSouthampton New York New Jersey
NationalEngland United Kingdom United States North and Central America
ProductionNot known
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration21 min. 17 sec.
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An unknown family set off for New York from Southampton on the Berengaria, a Cunard White Star liner, in 1935. Scenes filmed onboard and sightseeing in New York are included.


'Southampton, au revoir' - family members wave from the railings at the port. A train is seen, unmoving, below. 'Cunard White Star', the name of the line, is seen on an awning above. The White Star line, launching ships to New York from a specially built dock had had its base at Southampton since 1907, before merging with Cunard in 1934. The boat moves of, leaving the family waving at Southampton. Other boats are seen, mainly steam-powered tug boats. The docking platform is seen from a distance, as the ship moves away. Scenes filmed aboard the Berengaria, the flagship of Cunard, follow. Waves wash up the bow and steam is seen, emerging from the ship's funnels. Passengers sit and walk on deck. They play a game, throwing rings over a net on a court marked out on the boards. The lifeboats are shown, each marked with the number of passengers the boat is equipped to hold. A boxing match is held onboard.

The Berengaria reaches New York, where a rowing boat passes by, drifting close to the bow of the ship. The Statue of Liberty is seen from the deck, before the ship moves on. The New York skyline is seen, where ships are docked below. The Cunard docking station is seen, stretching out into the water. New York scenes follow. A black family are filmed, pacing quickly down the street by Central park. A cathedral and General Grant National Memorial on Riverside Drive are seen, the epitaph 'let us have peace' on its pediment. The George Washington Bridge, connecting Manhattan and New Jersey across the Hudson River, is seen. Footage shot from the motorcar as it travels across the bridge follows.

Scenes filmed in Westfield, New Jersey conclude the film. Cheerleaders and a marching band perform on a playing field. The scoreboard is shown; Westfield vs Visitors, before players run onto the pitch to continue playing a game of American Football. The film ends with views of leafy suburban streets.