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Title[Christmas and Spring Time at Pitmuies]
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Gardening Plants Play Christmas Winter Family Houses Rural Areas Cars
NationalScotland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration9 min. 50 sec.
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A family Christmas in Scotland, and summer garden scenes, filmed in 1935.


A car pulls round the drive and up to Pitmuies House. Family members rush to the car to greet the passengers. A blanket is shaken and put over the bonnet. A young man plays with the family terrier. Eight women leave the house through the front entrance, followed by an equal number of men. The group plays golf on the lawn, taking big swings at the golf balls. Three older women walk together. The group light cigarettes and walk in a wooded area. Four young women walk together with arms linked towards the camera, wearing fur collars and cropped hairstyles. They kiss each other on the cheek. One of the men lifts a block of ice out of a trough, holding it out for one of the women to kick. He throws a piece in the air. A man with a camera around his neck holds up the ice for the camera. A couple leave in their motorcar from the front of the house, kissing their hosts goodbye. A man runs to the car to start the engine with a hand crank, a scene that is seen in close up. The car moves off down the drive, lined with trees.

In colour scenes, family members sit on garden benches or by the pond, reading the newspaper or knitting. The gardener tends to the hollyhocks and flower beds in bloom. Two older women walk through the garden with baskets, picking bright pink blooms. A young man joins them, smelling the flowers and walking along the well-kept beds. They walk down the stone steps and into a walled garden and sit by a pond and fountain. The greenhouse is in view behind.