Title ID 4453Collection ID544
Title[Outing to Windsor Castle. Seaside Scenes. London Visit. Brighton Seafront. Holiday in Blackpool]
ThemeSeaside Family life
KeywordsBeaches Bridges Camping Domestic Gardens Fairgrounds Family Holidays Houses Outings Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton] Piers Rivers
LocalLondon Brighton Hove Blackpool
RegionalEast Sussex Brighton and Hove Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatColour Silent
Duration20 min. 7 sec.
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Family holiday scenes to Brighon, London and Blackpool, where major monuments and tourist attractions are visited, and some domestic garden scenes, filmed by an unknown photographer.


Windsor [?] street and boating lake scenes open the film. Two women walk towards the camera and sit by a family car in Summer. They walk along the river, where a willow tree's branches reach over into the water. Windsor Castle is seen from the side of the river. Close views of the castle follow. A bus drives past the entrance to the castle, where visitors gather. Further views of the castle follow. In domestic garden scenes, flower beds are seen, bursting with brightly coloured blooms and gerbera daisies. The back of a modern home is seen, where family members file out of the house and into the garden to stand and smile for a family portrait. Seaside views follow. Cars are parked along the sea front and a cafe and pier are seen.

In Winter scenes, elevated views from a first floor window show gardens and houses covered in snow in a sea of white. High Street scenes follow, during which time shops, cars and a war memorial are seen in Summer. The pier and promenade, rocks and sea are shown in seaside views. The camera pans across the sea front, seen from the end of the pier. Family members walk in gardens on the sea front, where a fairground can be seen in the distance. In views of the sea in the evening sun, ships are seen out to sea.

In London scenes, visitors to Trafalger Square sit on the stone walls. Children sit on the lion statues, which flank Nelson's Column. The National Gallery, facing onto the square, and the fountains below are shown. The site of The Festival of Britain, held in 1951, is shown, as family members walk by the River Thames. London Bridge is seen, reaching over the water to the City. A boat passes underneath and a red London bus over the top. St. Paul's Cathedral is visible in the distance.

Grand hotels are seen along Brighton sea front, where deck chairs line the promenade. Two women lean on the railings, foregrounding the Palace Pier behind. The pier is seen in evening light. Busy street scenes follow. Family members are seen in Regency Square [?] and on the sea front towards Hove, where the band stand is seen. A boating lake is seen below, where children drive miniature boats. Shoreham industrial estate is seen in the distance. The beach and concrete groynes are seen from the promenade.

Blackpool holiday scenes follow. On the sea front, a tall monument is seen. The entrance to Wickley Pier is shown, before the camera pans across the promenade. Blackpool Tower stretches into the blue sky. A tram passes along the sea front below the structure. Workers position coloured flowers in beds to make patterns for a display. The tower and Big Dipper, painted white, are seen.

Family members walk through a caravan park. They visit a gravestone and monument for John Proctor, who died in 1950, and a red brick manor house and grounds. A young couple pose outside a house. Older family members sit in deck chairs in the garden, wearing slippers. Blackpool views, of the promenade, bandstand, shopping area, Casino Theatre, Big Dipper and beach follow. A young woman wears a shirt and tie outside a house in a garden full of flowers. Street scenes close the film.