Title ID 4379Collection ID522
TitleQueen’s Silver Jubilee Street Party Reigate
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionCommemoration
ThemeCommemoration Family life
KeywordsCelebrations Children Commemorative Events Communities Houses Family Food Games Royalty Fancy dress
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMalcolm Dewar, Brambletyre Films
MusicLibrary music
ParticipantsResidents of St. Clair Close and Doods Road in Reigate
FormatColour Sound
Duration9 min. 40 sec.
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Footage taken at a street Party on St. Clair Close in Reigate to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in 1977.


Library music plays. A decorative title card reads 'Brambletyre Films present The Queens Jubilee Street Party 1977'. The party was held on the 18th of June on St. Clair Close, adjacent to Doods Park Road, Reigate, Surrey. The film opens with footage of residents preparing for the street party. Chairs and tables are unloaded from a truck. A long banner is strung up between two houses over the cul de sac. The fences are decorated with painted paper plates and bunting in blue, white and red. Residents sweep and dig up weeds, place a 'road closed' sign on the street, lay out tables and chairs and position speakers on the roofs. Party scenes follow. Children line up, wearing crowns and conical hats made of card and decorated with balloons and coloured paper. They play pass the parcel and a version of musical chairs, for which participants must link arms with the nearest person when the music stops. The children sit at the tables for tea, sandwiches and sausages. Their parents take photographs around the table. The cake, decorated with a crown and white icing, is cut and shared out. The leftovers are seen on the tables, covered in paper plates. The adults take cups of tea before the children do the 'Okey Cokey' in the street. They are given parcels. A girl is filmed opening her present, which contains a Jubilee commemorative patch reading '1977' and a Kitkat chocolate bar. Ice cream cones are passed out and everyone tucks in. The film closes with a view of the 'road closed' sign and cul de sac behind.