Title ID 4282Collection ID547
TitleOur World: Woodcraft Folk
Genre/TypeProfessionalIndependent Artist/Film-makerInstitutionalFictionDocu-Drama
ThemePublic Services Rural Life
KeywordsCamping Children Clubs Communities Family Houses Rural Areas Youth Youth Organizations
LocalMilton Keynes
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA Woodcraft Folk Film
CameraLes Johnson; Graham McKinney
DirectorJohn Peter Samson
ProducerPeter Gilpin
WriterPeggy Aprahamian
CastPeggy Aprahamian; Richard Bence; Valerie Bence; Louise Colbert; John Colson; Dick Colson
FormatColour Sound
Duration22 min. 30 sec.
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Please note: this film contains language which is racially offensive. We have left the film in its original state to ensure historical accuracy.

This semi-fictional film from 1975 presents the work of the Woodcraft Folk, "an educational movement for children and young people [which] aims to develop self-confidence and activity in society...building a world based on equality, friendship, peace and co-operation."


The film opens with images of rooftop television aerials. A young family sits down to a meal, tearing the two children away from the television. The commentary indicates that the television may be partly responsible for communicating violence and lessening the sense of community in society. The family is next seen walking in the woods. They come across an outing of the Woodcraft Folk - its young members are being tutored on nature by their adult leaders. After expressing an interest in their work, the family receive an invitation to one the Woodcraft Folk's weekly meetings. The family attend the meeting where they see children giving the Woodcraft Folk pledge, discussing the world family, and folk dancing.

On a different occasion one of the organisation's adults is filmed reading the constitution of the Woodcraft Folk to other adult members. They proceed to debate the role of the Woodcraft Folk, questioning its social and political role. Meanwhile the family featured throughout the film have joined the organisation - the parents act as leaders on camping trips where the children participate in orienteering tasks and campfire songs.

The filmed ends with footage of the closing speech of the Woodcraft Folk's 'Span the World Friendship' conference, and with still images of members from all over the world.


A still from 'Woodcraft Folk' (1975) showing people putting up a tent

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