Title ID 4169Collection ID505
Title[Family Scenes; Brighton; Port Lympne Zoo near Hythe; Holiday in Canada and the USA; Farming Scenes]
Date1979 - 1981
CollectionHarry Colley
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life Travel
KeywordsAnimals Bicycles Accidents Farming Holidays Aircraft Airports Swimming Ships Cars
LocalGatwick Hythe Brighton Philadelphia Toronto
RegionalEast Sussex Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom North and Central America Canada United States
ProductionHenry (Harry) Colley
CameraHenry (Harry) Colley
FormatColour Silent
Duration19 min. 45 sec.
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Scenes filmed by Harry Colley between 1979 and 1981 include those of his daughter's birthday party, the Athena B shipwrecked on Brighton beach, holiday, zoo and and airport scenes, and light aircraft taking off at a farm airstrip, where harvesting is taking place.


Young girls in summer dresses play in the family's Epsom garden for Mary Colley's birthday party. Some play on the swings or with a hula hoop. Footage shot from the front of a car driving on the M23 nearing Gatwick, where planes fly over head, follows. Footage of ducks on a pond at Pitdown and the young girls hula-hooping in the garden are exposed over the motorway scenes. The girls play ring-a-rosy. Panning footage of Brighton seafront, shot from East Brighton promenade towards the Palace Pier follow. The Athena B foregrounds the pier, leaning over towards the sea, shipwrecked on the beach. People have gathered on Madeira Drive and the beach below to look at the shipwreck. Panning views of Madeira Drive towards Brighton Marina, taken from above, follow. The ship's propellors catch the waves as rough water collides with the grey marina walls.

A plane takes off at an Airport. Scenes filmed at Lympne Zoo, near Hythe in Kent, follow. Tigers scrap in their enclosure. Rhinos, elephants, birds and monkeys are also seen. Footage shot from a moving aircraft on a runway follows, before the plane lifts off the ground. Aerial footage taken from the plane window follows, gliding over residential areas, railway lines and treatment plants between Toronto and Philadelphia. The plane arrives at Philadelphia Airport. Further footage taken from the window of a plane as it takes off, crosses the land and flies above the clouds follows. Holiday scenes in Florida follow. Family members swim in a pool and take a boat trip. Further aerial footage follows.

A yellow biplane (Tiger Cub) is seen on an airfield at a farm. It moves across to take off. Further light aircraft are seen on the ground and in the air, flying and landing, including a Cessna 150. A tractor works on one side of the field, baling the hay on the farm. A combine harvester passes. also working in the field. The tractor pulling the baler is seen, driven by a boy, its trailer full of bales. Scenes of squirrels, birds and bugs close the film.