Title ID 4165Collection ID505
Title[Nature Scenes; Eastbourne; Newhaven; Falmer Pond]
Date1972 - 1974
CollectionHarry Colley
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeSeaside Transport
KeywordsAnimals Boats Harbours Ships Ferries Railway steamers Coasters (ships) Domestic Gardens Plants Rivers Beaches Seaside Resorts
LocalEastbourne Newhaven Falmer
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHenry (Harry) Colley
CameraHenry (Harry) Colley
FormatColour Silent
Duration18 min. 9 sec.
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Footage of freight ferries at Newhaven, and flowers and wildlife at home and on a trip to Falmer Pond, taken by Henry (Harry) Colley between 1972 and 1974.


Bees and butterflies settle on Chrysanthemums by the front door of the film-maker's home. Panning footage, taken from the South Downs, follows. The Eastbourne and Royal Sovereign lighthouse is seen. Gulls fly over the water. Sealink Freight ferry ‘Capitaine le Goff’ sails out of Newhaven harbour entrance, followed by two small coasters; the pilot is shown disembarking from the latter into pilot launch, which sails back into harbour. The freight ferry was introduced onto the Dieppe crossing in order to meet the growing demand from hauliers: the car ferries at that time had insufficient headroom or deck space to accommodate large lorries. Sealink (UK) car ferry "Senlac" arrives from Dieppe, passes the western breakwater lighthouse and proceeds up river stern-first.

Robins and thrushes are seen on the lawn of Bowden House. Pigeons are followed as they peck the group at Newhaven Harbour. Sealink SNCF car ferry "Valencay" enters port stern first and proceeds up river to berth. A sparrow stands on a car bonnet and a dog looks out of the next car. Sealink (UK) car ferry "Senlac" swings in the river. A motorboat passes over the waves. Boats sail on the water. Swans, cygnets and thrushes are seen at Falmer Pond. A pole cat darts across the grass. A blackbird is seen, perched on a wall in the film-maker's garden. A swan walks with her cygnet by the river. A moorhen moves across the water. Bees and butterflies wander across bright blooms in the garden. Views of Newhaven Seafront after a storm follow. Pebbles litter the promenade and car park. A woman, Thora, is seen at Abbotts Wood. Lake scenes, where ducks and swans glide through water peppered with lily pads and rushes, follows. A pleasure boat is seen at Eastbourne Seafront. It passes backwards, through rough water, and away from the beach. "Senlac" passes "Villandry "or "Valencay" outside Newhaven harbour; the French ship is awaiting access to the single linkspan just vacated by the British ferry.