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Title[Ships in Port; Airport; Family Scenes; Veteran Cars; Weddings; Winter Scenes]
Date1962 - 1965
CollectionHarry Colley
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeSeaside Transport
KeywordsBoats Bridges Harbours Ships Coasters (ships) Cross-Channel steamers Railway steamers Ferries Aircraft Airports Accidents Fire Services Motor Vehicles Cars Weddings Wedding Dresses Celebrations Children Animals Seaside Resorts
LocalNewhaven Saltdean Eastbourne Ascot [Gatwick [?]
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHenry (Harry) Colley
CameraHenry (Harry) Colley
FormatColour Silent
Duration21 min. 30 sec.
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A compliation of scenes filmed at Newhaven Harbour, two winter weddings and the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run scenes, filmed by Harry Colley in the 1960s.


A dramatic rescue display by firemen on the cliffs at Saltdean opens the film. A small group of people watch on as a man is winched to safety. Definitive footage of Newhaven swing bridge being turned by capstan follows. Coaster “Pen Dart” sails from North Quay past the opened bridge;the bridge is turned back to re-establish the main coast road; pedestrians, cyclist, scooter and motorbike cross the river. Two coasters are shown at berth on North Quay. The bridge is shown being turned again to enable coaster “Westland Trader” to pass upriver. Bridge turns back, and pedestrians and cars are seen using the bridge. British Railways’ car ferry “Falaise”, which introduced a car ferry service to Newhaven - Dieppe in 1964, is filmed proceeding stern-first past the western breakwater, then in close-up as she proceeds upriver; her stern door is open already, a practice discontinued following the “Herald of Free Enterprise” disaster of 1987. The new French Railways’ car ferry “Valencay”, crowded with passengers, is shown proceeding stern-first to the linkspan; the ship nudges up to the linkspan and a mooring line is thrown aboard. This ship was newly built in 1965 for the Newhaven - Dieppe service.

A fishing boat (her NN code indicating that Newhaven is her home port, sails upriver, with cross-Channel steamer “Arromanches” (?) at berth in background. Sister vessel “Londres” sails into adjacent berth. A Land Rover is shown being craned aboard one of the Dieppe service cargo boats. The French cargo boat , ‘Rennes’ is seen entering the port, filmed from western breakwater. Railway trucks can be seen on the eastern foreshore, where railway sidings once stood. The French passenger steamer ‘Lisieux’ is filmed from the same location, arriving from Dieppe in a choppy sea.

A plane takes off from a runway. Anniversary celebrations in the garden of the family home, Bowden House, on the 29th October 1962 follow. Thora stands by a hedge, having a drink with her husband Harry to celebrate. She rests her head on his shoulder as he draws her nearer, both smiling to the camera. A man feeds swans by the lake in Eastbourne. London to Brighton Veteran Car Run scenes follow. Spectators stand by the side of the road to watch the cars pass by. Winter wedding scenes follow, taken on the 29th December 1962. The bride arrives with her father. She wears a white dress with a full skirt, reaching just below the knee, and a short veil. Snow covers the ground. The newly married couple emerge to pose for photographs. Guests gather around them to be photographed together. The couple laugh as confetti is thrown over them. Guests drink champagne outside in the snow. Further snow scenes follow. A car drives away from the camera, throwing snow into the air. Swans walk across the frozen ice at Alfriston. Children toboggan down a snow-covered hill, steering their sledges with string. A ginger and white cat walks in the garden at Bowden House, padding through the snow and leaping up to the bushes. Thora is seen in the garden. Newhaven harbour scenes follow.

Dieppe cargo boat “Rennes” is shown arriving at a snowbound Newhaven. Deckhands work the winch and mooring lines. The film-maker zooms in on passenger steamer “Brighton” which is upriver at the lay-by berth. Behind her is another passenger steamer, the height of which indicates that she is high and dry on the gridiron. A railway container - precursor to container-based cargo-handling - is craned onboard “Rennes”. A goods train hauled by a diesel engine runs along the harbour line. The passenger steamer "Londres" is shown in close-up whilst undergoing her annual refit, her keel resting on the gridiron.

Guests arrive at Jan's wedding at Ascot on the 29th June 1963. Jan arrives with her father. She wears a white dress with a full skirt and veil. Newly married, the couple stand together for photographs and walk to the car, where the couple are photographed again. Jan is seen waving from a train carriage to friends and family on the platform. An army helicopter takes flight from Hove Lawns. Further Newhaven Harbour scenes follow, where freight ships and fishing boats are seen. A Pan Am plane turns on a runway. Passengers emerge and crowd the runway before three fire trucks arrive at the scene.