Title ID 4144Collection ID471
Title[WWI Royal Flying Corps Training Film]
Date[ca. 1917]
CollectionWest Sussex Home Guard
ThemeWartime and Military
KeywordsAircraft Armed Forces First World War (1914-1918) Wars
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPublic Information Film - Royal Crest
FormatTinted Silent
Duration4 min.
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Part of a First World War era training film for the Royal Flying Corps. Showing how the British forces could gain tactical advantage through concealment of ground troops and the use of air reconnaissance.


This incomplete film begins with the title 'Part 3 Result of Operations; Our aircraft having made a thorough reconnaissance, prepares to drop a message'. The film cuts to a scene of two pilots in a biplane (they imitate the movement of flying and dropping a message, though this has been filmed from the ground). A shot of a plane in the sky is followed by scenes on the ground of a soldier picking up the message and another reading it. A title reads 'This is what the message describes' followed by aerial scenes of a road and landscape, shots of the men in the plane and the soldiers on the ground with the message. Further titles read: 'The ground observer now comes back and reports' 'I have seen...'. a view through binoculars of soldiers emerging from hiding in wooded areas is shown. The title states 'This is passed on to the artillery' and there are scenes of a row of cannons being fired.

The titles now read 'Enemy aircraft returns to report', a biplane lands and a man reports to an officer in an enemy control room: 'I have the ordered area examined and of troops no sign what-ever have seen'. The officer is pleased and takes a drink from a bottle. The title declares 'But they are there all the same'. A shot of soldiers with horses and cannons concealed beneath trees and the title 'Concealment from ground and air, The End' concludes the film.


A still from [WWI Royal Flying Corps Training Film] (ca.1917) A still from [WWI Royal Flying Corps Training Film] (ca.1917) A still from [WWI Royal Flying Corps Training Film] (ca.1917)