Title ID 4133Collection ID512
Title4th Hove St. Philips Girl Guide Camps
Date1964; 1965; 1967
CollectionDerek Osborne
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCamping Children Food Girl Guides Landscape Motor Vehicles Rural Areas Youth Youth Organizations
LocalKirdford Hove Handcross Cuckfield
RegionalWest Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDerek Osborne
CameraDerek Osborne
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration15min. 17sec.
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An amateur silent film which features the 4th Hove St. Philips Girl Guides on camp in the 1960s. The girls and their leaders are seen involved in various tasks on camp at Kirdford, Handcross and Cuckfield. The film also includes footage of the group outside St. Philips Church, Hove waiting to be picked up to be taken to camp in a removal van.


"Guide Camps 1964 - 1967"

"1964 Kirdford Nr Petworth, Sussex"

Close-up of a photo album with six photos of the camp; Girl Guides at the campsite, they gather around the flag pole and are seen eating a meal. There is a series of shaky shots of the girls faces.

"1965 The Jumping Field The Hyde Handcross"

Photographs of the camp are shown with the handwritten titles. The guides and their parents gather outside St. Philips Church on New Church Road Hove, they are seen getting into a large removal van. The children are driven off in the back of the van; they wave excitedly at the camera as the van pulls off. The guides are seen at camp; they are filmed making sandwiches. The adult leaders are seen doing various tasks around the camp; a man fans a fire with a plate which he then holds in front of his face. The leaders stand around chatting outside a tent and the children stand around a table preparing food.

"1967 Moorfields Farm (near Cuckfield) Sussex"

The girls stand outside St. Philips Church with their camping kit on a sunny day. A Wright's removal van pulls up outside the church and and the girls help to load their kit onto the van. At the camp, adults sit on the ground drinking tea and the children help themselves to drinks. The Girl Guide flag flies from a flag pole; mugs hang off a branch placed in the ground. One of the leaders prepares ingredients for a meal; a man lights a fire, a woman watches him. The girls return to camp with firewood, one of the leaders fetches water from a nearby standpipe; they are assisted by two young boys. The girls stand around the fire watching sausages being cooked in a large frying pan. The end of the film shows the girls taking down their tents.