Title ID 4132Collection ID512
Title[Family Scenes; Hike and Outing; Wedding]
Date1962 - 1963
CollectionDerek Osborne
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBoats Cars Children Domestic Gardens Everyday Life Family Harbours Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton] Railways Recreational Facilities Religious Buildings Roads Rural Areas Schools Urban Areas Weddings Youth
LocalHorsted Keynes Devil’s Dyke Hove Lewes Brighton Shoreham-by-Sea Sheffield Park
RegionalWest Sussex Brighton and Hove East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Derek Osborne
CameraMr. Derek Osborne
FormatColour Silent
Duration24min. 57sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


An amateur silent film which features a number of events, outings and scenes of everyday life connected with the Osborne family. The film also includes some street scenes in Brighton and Hove.


A couple with a baby walk along the edge of a road at Horsted Keynes, a motorcycle is seen approaching in the distance which is being ridden by the film-maker. At Devil's Dyke the film-makers sister is seen walking along a path wearing a motorcycle helmet. After shots of various cars and motorcycles, she is again seen posing next to a motorcycle and walking around the edge of the Dyke, she now carries the helmet as she continues walking across the valley side. 'Point-of-view' shots from the motorcycle as it is ridden along the road from Devil's Dyke towards Hove and down King George VI Avenue. There is a very brief shot of racing at Brands Hatch, followed by more 'point-of-view' shots as the film-maker makes his way home to Hove after the racing. In the garden at the family home, a kitten is seen climbing in some undergrowth and then sitting on a stool, the film-makers younger brother ties up his shoelace before stroking the kitten. There is a shot of a picture of a cowboy which is placed on the grass.

Shots of Knoll School from the road outside, teenage girls are seen leaving the school, including the film-makers sister on her last day at school. His sister waves at the camera as she approaches. Elsewhere, on Portland Road, opposite the Granada Cinema, a green livery Southdown bus pulls up to let passengers off. The film-makers brother is seen being met by his mother and other brother (who rides a tricycle). The brother runs after the tricycle along the pavement.

In Lewes, a couple are seen with three children in Malling Street. The smallest toddler child is black, whilst the rest of the family are white. The father spins the eldest boy around in the air, before mother turns the toddler child up to face the camera. The girl is seen sitting on a gate and jumping around excitedly. Back in Hove, at Hove Park, there are shots of the model railway in operation; children ride on it and there are close-up shots of the engines. At the junction of Old Shoreham Road, Nevill Road and Sackville Road, vehicles are seen negotiating the junction which is controlled by traffic lights.

In the next scene there are shots of the film-maker with his sister, brother and cousin as they walk from Hove to Devil's Dyke. The group stand next to a finger post on the way and once at the Dyke, some of them are seen running down into the valley before they disappear out of the shot. The group pose for the camera on the hillside; one of them bows towards the camera and the boys fool around in the long grass. Shots of the view from the Dyke follow, including Faulking below (?). The group set off walking again, this time along paths where mud has dried hard. They stop to clean their trousers and shoes before setting off for home, walking along a country road.

Titles: "An Osborne Film"; this section of the film opens with shots of flowers, before cutting to shots of the Clock Tower on North Street, Brighton and crowds on the promenade in front of the Palace Pier. Shots of the seafront from the pier, including speedboats, pleasure craft in the water and a brief shot of Ghost Train ride on the pier followed by a view of a packed beach, filmed from the pier. The film-maker takes a ride on the Volks Railway with a family group whilst capturing views from the train as it travels towards Black Rock, including vehicles on Madeira Drive. Crowds are seen outside the Aquarium as well as heavy traffic at the southern end of Old Steine opposite Palace pier.

At a family wedding, the film-makers cousin is seen on her wedding day with her father at St. Helen's Church at Hangleton. Shots of the bride and groom as they exit the church and pose for photographs, they are joined by members of their family. The wedding party walk along a road to a local school (?) for the reception. The wedding party are seen in a grassy courtyard posing for more photographs. Brief shots follow of the film-makers sister entering a house on Stoneham Road, before shots at Shoreham Harbour. Model boats are seen on the water. Pleasure craft are seen in the lock, the lock keeper opens the lock gates and the boats sail into the harbour. There is a brief shot of other boats in the harbour.

The film ends with shots of the family picnicking at Sheffield Park Gardens. They wander around the grounds, looking at the lake and trees and posing for a photograph.