Title ID 4116Collection ID139
Title[PFA Rally Sywell; Redhill Aerodrome]
DateJuly 1971
CollectionRalph Hart
KeywordsAircraft Clubs
LocalSywell Redhill
RegionalNorthamptonshire Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr R.W. Hart
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration3min. 52sec.
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This short amateur film features members of the Tiger Flying Club from Redhill at the Popular Flying Association Rally. The film includes scenes of small aircraft on the ground and in the skies over the airfield. The film ends with short scenes of a gliding weekend at Redhill Aerodrome.


The film opens with shots of a young woman eating a meal next to a large tent at the Popular Flying Association (PFA) Rally; an aeroplane flies overhead. Three people are seen sitting on the ground next to a yellow Condor aeroplane, one of them is wearing a large sun hat. General scenes of the assembled aircraft, including a man folding a cover. Club members walking around inspecting the aircraft; a man pushes an aeroplane out. An aeroplane flies overhead and two parachutists from the Falcon RAF team descending with smoke trailing behind them. Brief scenes of a Spitfire overhead. The film ends with scenes of gliders and small aircraft at Redhill Aerodrome.