Title ID 4094Collection ID137
TitleWedding; Family at home and on holiday
Date[ca. 1960s]
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBeaches Children Domestic Gardens Everyday Life Family Gardening Holidays Piers Recreational Facilities Seaside Resorts Weddings
LocalHorsham Shipley Worthing
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionArthur Berry
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration21min. 58sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


An amateur home movie featuring a compilation of scenes documenting family life. Everyday activities are captured on film, as well as scenes from a wedding, christening and a family holiday.


The film opens with shots of people walking along a cliff path. Shot of a baby sitting in a kitchen sink; boys play football outside in the garden. Shots of a wedding reception. People in a garden looking at plants and relaxing in a deck chair. A man acts out shooting a lion followed by archive footage of a lion. A couple at Shipley Windmill, reading a sign about the mill, followed by shots of horses in a paddock. Boys play with their father (?) in a playground and then role-play, the boys are dressed as soldiers. The man cuts long grass with a small scythe. Shots of family members arriving home from a christening.

A title reads: "On holiday". Shot of a sailing boat; a man looks out to sea with binoculars. Shots of breaking waves and people on a beach. Shots of a miniature railway, peddlo and small boat at sea are interspersed with shots of a boy buying ice cream and playing a ball game. Shots of a caravan in a caravan park. Boys play on amusements and a toddler plays with a ball. A man looks at some flowers and strokes a small dog. Shots of Worthing Pier and seafront. Shots of women talking across a garden fence. A baby sits in a pram; shots of a man gardening. Boys playing in a garden. A man and two ladies look at a house which is for sale. The film ends with a brief scene of a cricket match and children playing with a ball in a garden. Title: "The End".