Title ID 3994Collection ID116
TitleThe Commandants Office
CollectionCollege of Education Bognor Regis
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent Artist/Film-makerFictionSpoof
KeywordsBuildings Education Railway Stations Trains Youth
LocalBognor Regis
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBognor Regis College of Education
CameraNigel, Graham, Chris, Bob with Mr. T.H. Bartlett
DirectorNigel, Graham, Chris, Bob with Mr. T.H. Bartlett
EditorNigel, Graham, Chris, Bob with Mr. T.H. Bartlett
CastNigel; Graham; Chris; Bob; Mr. T.H. Bartlett
FormatColour Silent
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This satirical film was made by students at the Bognor Regis College of Education. The film attempts to portray the college as a Nazi prisoner of war camp and shows a prospective students' encounter with students and an overzealous teacher.


Opening titles: "Bognor College of Education Presents" [Nazi logo], "Stalag 13 Presents", "The Commandants Office" [credits]. The film opens with a young man standing in front of the camera waving his arms, he disappears; Title: "An Innocent Young Interviewee". At Bognor Regis train station people are seen getting off a train, the same boy walks along the platform, out of the station and looks at a school prospectus he is holding: "Bognor Regis College of Education 1976/77". The boy walks to the college, various people are seen coming and going from the main entrance. The boy hides from a group of young people as they march along a path. A man gestures out of a window to a boy below who is wearing a black jacket; Title: "Paiget, Piaget, Piaget...". The boy visiting the college hides again, out of view of the other people, this time who are seen running out of a building. Speeded up scenes of the boy running off the campus and being chased by the two boys wearing black jackets. The boy runs into the station where a train is just arriving. The men chasing the boy walk out of the station shaking their heads. At the Prince of Wales pub they knock on a door next to the pub and a man lets them in. He smiles and waves at the camera. Title: "The End".