Title ID 3976Collection ID115
Title[Petworth Junior School; vintage car rally]
CollectionGreenshields Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Boats Children Domestic Gardens Family Holidays Motor Vehicles Play Sea Fishing
LocalBognor Regis Chichester Bracklesham Bay Petworth Southampton Lyme Regis
RegionalWest Sussex Hampshire Dorset
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr A. Greenshields
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration14min 1sec.
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A home movie featuring the Greenshields family at home in Bognor Regis, at a school sports day, on day trips and on holiday in Dorset. The children are seen playing in the garden, taking part in the sports day and enjoying a holiday in Lyme Regis where they go on a boat trip to catch fish.


The film opens with shot of two girls playing in a garden, followed by a tractor loaded with hay bales and farm workers driving through a field. On a visit to Chichester High School for Girls, the family are seen wandering around the school grounds; brief shot of runners and then two cats playing in a garden. The Greensheilds daughters play in the garden on a swing and attempt handstands. Joined by some other children they play with hula hoops and pet two black rabbits. Using shears one of the girls cuts some long grass; the other juggles with balls next to the house. In the street, the girls are filmed roller skating along the road; their mother drops a large ball from the first floor window to were the father is waiting; shots of him throwing the ball and pretending to be knocked down by it. Shots of the children playing with the same ball on the beach at Bracklesham Bay; their mother joins them in the water. Back at home the family plays a ball game in the garden, whilst their mother hangs washing on a line. Shots of a sports day at Petworth Junior School in East Street; children take part in various races and are awarded trophies. Shot of the back of George Garland, as he take photographs of the award ceremony Shot of a swimmer diving into an outdoor pool, close-up shots of a mother and child, intersected with shots of the swimming pool. Elsewhere at Petworth there are shots of a vintage car rally; a policeman stands in the road directing the traffic at the junction with Midhurst Road. Shots of the family watching the cars as they arrive at Petworth Park and wandering around a field with cows. The family stops near a lake and throws stones in the water. Brief shots onboard a passenger ferry at Southampton Harbour; ships can be seen moored on the quayside. Children playing at home in the garden, followed by shots of family boarding a Southdown bus and a busy town centre. The family scramble over rocks on a shoreline Lyme Regis; they are seen playing on the beach and in the sea and are taken on a boat ride by a local fisherman. They pull in a net to reveal a small catch of fish. Back on land, the children use small nets to fish in rock pools. Shots of the cats back at home and the children performing with puppets. Shots of the children dresses in their Brownie uniforms. The film ends with shots of members of the family and a policeman; a boy wears the policeman's hat.


[Petworth Junior School; vintage car rally] (1960)[Petworth Junior School; vintage car rally] (1960)[Petworth Junior School; vintage car rally] (1960)