Title ID 396Collection ID294
Title[Fancy dress party etc.]
Date1946 - 1947
CollectionKenneth Woolsey
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Family Motor Vehicles Winter
RegionalGreater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionKenneth Sidney Woolsey
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration14min. 20sec.
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A home movie capturing a fancy dress party and various other family activities mainly at a house in Shirley near Croydon occupied by a member of the Woolsey family. The second half is a fictional film called 'Counterfeit' about a criminal and his accomplice, written by a family friend, Hector Hampton.


The film opens with brief shots of rooftops. Shots of people dressed in fancy dress costumes, posing in front of the camera. A woman plays with a puppy in the snow in the garden of "Braeside", Shirley near Croydon. People tobogganing in the snow at Shirley Hills. A couple play golf in a garden and a man paints a tree trunk with white paint. Shots of people gardening, followed by the puppy sitting in front of a fireplace. A motorcyclist rides up and down a garden path and a man reverses and parks a car.

A title reads: "K.S.W. Productions present Counterfeit by H. Hampton", a cast list follows. The film opens with a silhouette of a man in a window, a woman looks out a window through curtains. Title: "Hymen meets his accomplice Lady Glamour and passes on the counterfeit money". The lady attempts to purchase some lingerie but the shop assistant suspects that the money is not genuine. He makes a phone call. Title: "Meanwhile, Inspector and Maugham discuss the flood of counterfeit coins". Two men hunched over a desk in discussion, one answers the phone. Title: "More dud coins. This time from a lingerie salon in Bond Street". Hymen escapes from the police on foot, but is later caught. Title: "The End".