Title ID 3842Collection ID77
Title[Babies and Outings]
Date[ca. 1960s]
CollectionLambert Family (Wanstead)
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Children Cross-Channel Steamers Harbours Mothers Railway steamers Ships Zoological Gardens
LocalBrighton Newhaven
RegionalBrighton and Hove East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Lambert
CameraMr. Lambert
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration12 min. 53 sec.
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Colour and black and white footage of seaside outings and train rides and a trip to the zoo, filmed and compiled by Mr. Lambert in the 1960s.


A baby plays on a sandy beach in a sun hat with a small bucket and spade. Her mother, wearing shorts and a string of pearls bounces the baby on her hip, walking through the shallows and brushing her tiny feet through the water. The baby's father, wearing leather sandals, trousers and shirt, plays with her on the wet sand, building sand castles.

In colour footage, she holds the baby, walking through a garden of flowers and fruit trees, wearing a polkerdot dress and glasses. At Newhaven West beach, the girl, now a toddler with blonde curls, builds sandcastles with her mother, who places a flag on the top. She is seen on the lawn, picking daisies out of the grass and on the beach playing with a ball. A marina wall stretches out into the sea, a lighthouse at its end. They paddle, with the Newhaven-Dieppe cross-Channel steamer ‘Brighton’ approaching the harbour in the background; steam erupts from her siren to warn small craft of her passage up river. The little girl wrinkles her nose, squinting at the sun in close-up footage. The white cliffs of Beachy Head on the South Coast are seen behind. In black and white footage, they wait on a platform for the Volk's Electric Railway train to arrive. The train sports the letters V R on its front. They are also seen taking a ride on the Choo Choo miniature railway. They build more sandcastles, which the child pushes down with her hand. They are seen posing beside a ship, the ‘Port Melbourne’, of Port Line, berthed at East Quay. This ship is a reefer discharging fruit, a significant commercial operation at Newhaven at the time when this film was shot. Men lean over the railing on deck.

In colour footage, the little girl plays with her father, kicking a ball on a picnic. They eat sandwiches on folding chairs and a push chair. Zoo scenes follow. The girl and her mother are seen by the tortoises, lions, tigers, flamingoes and penguins in their enclosures. A elephant pokes its trunk at the little girl. The pair walk through a rockery, passing benches and a waterfall. The child walks down the sea on Brighton's pebble beach, throwing rocks into the sea.