Title ID 3839Collection ID77
TitleCine Scrapbook 1935
CollectionLambert Family (Wanstead)
ThemeFamily life Commemoration
KeywordsBeaches Celebrations Children Domestic Gardens Family Holidays Leisure Time Activities Parades Royalty Seaside Resorts
LocalClacton Jaywick Eastbourne Wanstead
RegionalEssex East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Lambert
CameraMr. Lambert
ParticipantsKing George V
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration13 min. 17 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Scenes of the 1935 Jubilee Drive and Royal Procession and family outings to Clacton, Jaywalk and Eastbourne, the first film produced and compiled with intertitles by Mr. Lambert.


In Mr. Lambert's first film, after purchasing a Pathescope cine camera in 1930, "Jubilee Drive: May 11th" - Oxford Street [?] is decorated with bunting and garlands, strung up between the buildings. The camera pans across the Wharncliffe Rooms to soldiers marching and "The Royal Procession." The procession is seen from an elevated position. Buses, cars and policemen on motorbikes are followed by Queen's Guards on horseback. King George V and Queen Mary wave to the gathered spectators who line the street from their carriage. The King tips his hat at the crowd. Behind sit two footmen. They are followed by further mounted guards. The crowd fills the road once the procession has passed.

"Nearer home," Mrs. Lambert helps her baby to walk in garden at home in Wanstead. The little boy, possibly John Lambert [?], strokes the family cat while sitting on a mat in the garden. He starts crawling and the cat curls up beside him on the mat. His sister, a few years older, plays with a toy lawn roller. At "Whitsun", two women push a pram, escorting three children on a walk in the park. A carousel swings past, the horses dipping and rising. A crowd has gathered. Young children wearing hats and coats ride on a smaller merry-go-round. Now "Summer", one of the Lambert girls with blonde curls waters the garden with a watering can. She helps baby John to walk. "Holiday Time" follows, beginning with "Lazy Days at Clacton". Children in summer dresses sit on a swing bench in the garden, grinning. They are joined by adults, bending their knees as the bench swings backwards and forwards. Baby John crawls across the lawn. "Sport was not overlooked"; two men stand on a river bank with fishing rods. They act out catching a fish, in a comic and exaggerated manner. "Only fools fish here" reads a sign by the men. The pull up a kettle and fall backwards onto the grass.

"A charming walk to the sea" follows. Family members walk along a country lane with a pram and push-chair. The children wear bonnets and the woman smiles to the camera. At the seaside, waves wash up the smooth sand. The camera pans across families at the beach, sitting together and paddling in the shallows. A sign for "Blue Lagoon" stands above an arcade building. A couple walk together by the water. He gives chase after she nudges him into the sea. Young children in bathing costumes paddle, playing in the wet sand with buckets of water. Close-ups of the children follow. "We visited Jaywick" begins with scenes of a promenade and busy beach. Children paddle with inflatable rings in the sea. Beach chalets and huts are seen by the beach and men walk past with towels wrapped round their waists. An intertitle reads "And we were glad to get back." The young John Lambert, with plump cheeks and arms, crawls across the beach, playing in the wet sand. The girls wearing knitted bonnets, paddled with adults and picnic on the beach. In "A later holiday at Eastbourne", a smartly dressed couple play with a child in the shallows. He wears a waistcoat and trilby hat, his trousers rolled up to his knees. Eastbourne pier and promenade are in view behind. For "We take our leave", the children are shown in close up, wearing knitted hats and smiling to the camera.